Best couch lock strains?

Looking for the best couch lock strains to smoke, watch Netflix and go to bed.

Not only is the high important but the strain should have strong genetics, shorter flowering time, larg yeilds, and the easier to grow the better (although at this point in time I feel comfortable growing)

Over the weekend I smoked some zombie kush and it was good.
Northern lights seems to be a strong contender but I haven’t smoked it in years and despite what I read I had someone tell me it feels more like a hybrid and doesn’t help you sleep.
Google pops up so many different strains, purple kush, Grand daddy purple, hash plant, the list goes on.


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Golasa by delicious seeds. Pest and mold resistant. I got them at the cup. Also london pound cake is a good one for me.

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ILGM has a heavy hitter pack is has blue dream, gorilla glue, and MK ultra. The ultra is a 50/50 mix parents are G-13 and og kush and says that strain gives the couch lock easy to grow.

EDIT: I would just look through the indica strains?

Blue dream is a sativa
The gf smoked it yesterday actually as another legal shop here opened and a friend got it.

Also ilgm doesn’t ship to Canada

I was just using it as a suggestion maybe at least look through the strains there. They have pretty good descriptions and will point you in the right direction sorry to hear they don’t deliver up there but hey should be pretty easy to find some seeds sense it’s legal!


Crystal is my number one go to for sleepy time. I smoke, vape and consume as edibles. Other strains that work:

White Widow
Gold Leaf
Black D.O.G.
Swiss Cheese

I would look for high THC strains that are also high in CBD’s: the Crystal is 5 to 25 (5% CBD to 25% THC) so you get the entourage effect.

If you really want couch lock; look into making edibles.


Afghani for me.


Most strain over 20% as long as you let it get to 30-80%amber tricombs will couch lock ya !! I’ve let my gold leaf go an extra 10 days to get the amber I need for sleep!

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The mk ultra looks like a contender possibly
But not GG #4 smoked that 3 days ago and while it’s good and strong it’s not enough couch lock or sleepy time feeling for me.

Sounds like a cool strain I couldn’t find the exact one could you link me?
I have tried edibles twice, once was 4 days ago I ate a 10mg gummy from a local dispensary and greened out, vision went purple, I fell over my girlfriend had to help me recoup and we headed home. Think I have a super sensitivity to them and she doesn’t like the high so that’s a no go.
Were working on saving flower and money to make Roisin worth getting into.

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Crystal is available in the seed shop. I have only grown the ILGM version with great results. My brother is 100% disabled (VA) and I provide him with Crystal for night time and pain relief.

It’s a moderately high-yielding plant: I get between 10 and 12 oz per plant.

Edibles are metabolized through the liver and converted from THC to 11-hydroxy THC which is 5 to 7 times as potent as THC B. It’s something that you have to work up to. Start small and increase dosage over time. I don’t buy edibles but make butter so I can load it with the things I consider important. I then make brownies, freeze them and have one at bedtime every night.

I looked into rosin and believe you would be better off with doing alcohol extractions: you recover virtually all of the important oils at once and can use as a tincture or evaporate down into oil or shatter.

I have a variety of strains to choose from and a friend grows high CBD, low THC strains which I blend in with my butter along with fresh trim stored in the freezer. It’s ridiculously potent. Just the way I like it.


Yes editables are a different beast, I actually learned about this in paramedic school lol.
Still I think they arnt for me

Indica edibles will put you to sleep lol I made some butter with blue knight strain. Made snicker doodles and I swear 30-45 min after eating I started feeling drowsy and about 1.5 hrs after eating I was taking a nap on the couch if I wanted to or not. I’d say a good Indica with a high level will get you what you are after. :v:


At your legal place, ask for indicas high in myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. Blueberry, Grandaddy Purple, Purple Urkle, and Cherry Pie are some of my favorites.


Bloody Skunk. I only had the auto. Not a huge yielder, but put me down hard.

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In all of Canada they only have 1 indica legal seed being sold as far as I know haha… It’s a joke
We have. 1 indica or 1 sativa in a pack of 4 seeds for 60$

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Monopoly, Cannadian Edition.


In my not so expert growing opinion? Purple Trainwreck. It was my daytime smoke… but if i pver partook in ANY instance? I was sitting in one spot babbling and rapping. The Perfect combo of sativa an indica. It beat my Afghan Hashplant, Red Diesel, and a good bagseed of Diesel by a MILE. May have been HOW i grew it. But was a CHAMP. Check Humboldt. Solid


Science is a BEAST. Look for these