Best cooling solution for grow tents

Ok everybody , since my houses central air system has been shut off for the year I have been having issues keeping the temp inside the tent where I would like it to be . So I was wondering what others have done to solve this issue ? I have been thinking about maybe getting a portable air conditioner to stick in the closet that the tent is in ? I’m just not sure . I would love to know what others have done for better climate control in their tents . And if you guys have used any type of air conditioning what model , brand ? I want to know what has done well for others before I possibly go out and spend 3-400 dollars on an ac system dedicated for the tent . There is a window in the closet that the tent is in but I am currently using it to expel the exhaust from the tent so would like to try and stay away from a window unit ac but if that would work better maybe I can change things around. I just really want to get this temp issue under control . My room that the closet Is off of has been sitting around 75° f but even so with it pulling that air into the tent it gets upwards of 83° and sometimes higher I’m finding I’m having ti really dial back my lights which isnt want I want to be doing while im.about to be going I to flower . Please help ! And let me know what you guys have done for your climate control !! Would be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately portable air conditioners put out more heat than they do cool air. You can use one, but the unit’s exhaust must be vented outside of the grow area.

83 isn’t bad at all. Temp can be additionally managed by increasing airflow through the grow area.


Yeah I have found that to be true as well, I have a portable ac but tboight it was just a piece of junk cause it didnt cool that well . I have great ventilation in the tent now idk how i would make it any better. I have a 4x4 with a 6 inch ac infinity inline fan with the passive intake vents opened at the bottom of the tent with multiple oscillating and clip fans throughout the tent and lately I’ve been facing a fan from my room into the closet that the tent is in that’s sitting on the cold floor to help get colder air in there . I have thought about getting the 8 in ac infinity fan but I really dont think that will do to much for me if temps are still getting high . But usually when the houses central air is on I can get a perfect 78°f during the day amd 65°f at night but with it off it’s been getting to 83-85 plus which is only with my rspec and the uva bar on and the rspec is only at half power . I’m usually able to run the rspec at full blast with the uva bar and 4 other supplement lights going full power and only getting 78 at daytime . So I need to find a cooling solution that works so I can actually use the full potential of my lights. Right now if I even think about putting the rspec at full power the tent will go well above 85 and i dont really feel comfortable with that .

AC shut off for year usually means cooler temps, so if your outdoor temps are low enough you could run an intake fan and pull outside air in through the same window you are exhausting out of as needed. Maybe one of the AC Infinity or similar fans that can be set to run based on temp.

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That could be an option . I was actually just thinking about maybe doing that . I need to do something to get it back to where I want it to be cause lately it’s just been way to high for the amount of lights I’m running . If you check out my grow journal “first indoor grow, and journal” you can see that with the ac on I could run but rspec at full blast with the uva bar and 4 other supplement leds going and the highest the temp would go is 78-79 in the day and a solid 65 at night and now without the ac and just running the uva bar and rspec at half power I’m reaching up to 85 in the day and will be lucky to get 75 at night . I would love to get it back to where it was with the first go around but really finding I need to hear more solutions than maybe getting a dedicated ac unit for that closet @frogyrogy

Right now where I live in the north east it’s been around 75-80 outside during the day but has been getting pretty chilly at night . I’m in Rhode island so it should be getting colder soon but this time next year I’ll be running into the same issues if I dont find something to fix it now so I’m just trying to jump on the problem amd fix it now so if this situation arises again I can control it better


Run your lights at night. Cooler outdoor air available for an intake fan setup.

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Yeah I thought about that but unfortunately it wouldn’t work for me . That would make it so my nighttime temps would be higher than daytime and for that reason alone I can’t do that. I just need to find a cooling solution that works for me even if I have to buy another window unit or something

I don’t know what kind of lights you’re using but I’m using the Mars sp3000 which are removable balusters. I have my room set at about 71 to 73°, AC. Inside the tent the bottom is about 75 the top is about 78. I also have the AC air duct facing my balusters. I feel if those balusters were inside the tent the temperature in there would be at minimum 20° higher thus having to turn down the temperature in a small space harderr to maintain.
For both of those running on high it’s using 526 watts per hour.
I live right next to you. So my suggestion would be if you could remove your balusters that could reduce heat inside the tent. I’m a first-time grower but I definitely did some research and I’m failing on a lot of stuff after still. Still having fun in my first grow.

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@Bawstan_boi yeah I thought about that as well but i have a hlg 600 rspec and doing that would void my warranty so i dont really want to do that . Some companies sell kits to be able to move the drivers outside the tent. unfortunately hlg isnt one of those. It’s looking like for my setup I’m just going to have to add in an air conditioner solution that works for me weither it’s a window unit or a portable one . The closet the tent is in is only 5x7 so it’s not a large space but is tough to cool off once its starts getting hot in there

I have a window unit that’s a small 6000 btu but at the moment it’s being used for my drying/curing room so I need it in there a little more than I need it in the tent at the moment so I’m trying to find a different way I can accomplish the same result. I’m sure if I even moved the window unit to the side of the room that the tent is in , the tent would now be able to pull the cold air into the tent from my room cause it’s kinda the lung room for the tent cause it has a passive intake at the moment pulling air into the closet from my room that the closet is in

I live in a Red Brick house built in the 1800s no AC or insulation. Gets plenty hot in there, I’ve tried an AC, IMO not worth it. I live in the North East. What I ended up doing was. Getting AC infinity 6’ exhaust with carbon filter and a 4’ intake on a single controller that runs the fans as needed. These things are beasts. I exhaust my tent out of the room. I intake from outside. I run everything at night when the temperature is cooler outside. Never get above 80f. I read you don’t want to run your set up at night. Although you could just run your intake from the cool room you do have.


I will attest that 6-in AC Infinity fan system is awesome I got one in each tent digital controller if it ever did break I would buy the same exact thing hopefully I get three years out of it. I have dual carbon filters so whatever sucking it in gets filtered and sucking out it’s getting double filtered it’s been pretty good on keeping the smell down. But I’m also on my 5th to 6th week I can only imagine what this is going to smell like at week 9

@BigItch @Bawstan_boi yeah I have the 6in ac infinity with the auto temp controller module thing . Thinking I’m gonna go that route and maybe upgrade to an 8 in for the exhaust and use the 6 in for intake . I also have 2 of the 6 in raxial booster inline fans from ac infinity and a 4in one as well so I’m sure I can make something work with all of that

That’s what my last grow in the tent looked like . I had the hlg 600 rspec at full blast with the uva bar and then 4 other supplement leds around each corner it was somewhere around 800 true watts of light and I was able to keep it at 78 easy

That it what it looks like now and only running the rspec at maybe 75% with the uva bar and it’s been getting too hot for my liking . Just shows how much having the houses central air on helps . Today is cooler than it has been so not having the issue keeping it cool today but still I want to figure something out so that this problem dosent arise again in the future @Bawstan_boi @BigItch


Looking at your setup you must be Portuguese cuz lol I did the same exact scrog technique didn’t use it but I made it out of PVC and then twine.

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But yeah today is much cooler so I’m able to run the rspec with the uva bar and 2 supplemental leds and it’s at 78-80 which I can deal with . I just really dont like when it begins to get upwards of 82+ I have ome of those co2 buckets in there so that if the temp does get too high I can feel like it’s at least being used due to having the supplemental co2 and high power/ quality lighting but still I just really prefer to run 78 if I can . And honestly like to drop it more from there as I get further into flower . That tent is only on day 4 of flower now but like I said when it does get a little hotter without the houses ac on I always have this issue . And if I’m not around to deal with it the tent can easily get to 85+ which I would not be happy about and I’m sure the plants wouldn’t either lol . So I just really want to figure something out to make this easier . I have temp and humidity controllers that are separate ones from the ac infinity one with the exhaust fan but I just dont have anything I can hook up the cooling side to right now (an ac unit or something along those lines) . I am running a passive intake right now so maybe switching that to an active intake where I can make sure it will pull in cooler air , maybe from outside like you said maybe that could be something I can figure out to either hook that up to my cooling side of the controller . Or just leave it as a true active intake and figure out if that would give me better control of the cooling . If you follow what I’m trying to say lol

I also think that I should mention that with the passive intake and the 6 in ac infinity cloudline fan i am always 24/7 running it on 10 which is the highest setting to get the temps that i am getting . So that is why I’m starting to think that i should get maybe the 8 in one or switch to an active intake and still use the 6in one . I’m thinking that if I have to run the 6 in one at full blast to maintain these temps that maybe that would mean i could run the 8 in one on half power to get the same result and then put the 8 in one on full blast if i ever see the temps beginning to rise back up .

Also on a different note if you havent figured it out yet by what I just said about running the exhaust fan 24/7 on full blast. That means that I know I can use that feature where the controller will automatically control the fan speed based on what temp I want it to be at or whatever but dont use it that way currently and never have yet cause I didnt bother figuring out how to set it up to do so lol. And cause I have the separate controllers controlling the temp and RH I didnt feel the need. I would love to use it to see how it works but always thought that since I always run it full power that it probably wouldn’t do much for me anyways . But you get what i mean about how if i got a bigger fan that maybe that could help and or using an active intake oppose from the passive @Bawstan_boi @BigItch

But this tho :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: what do you guys think about that ? Maybe that could help solve the issue? I know the 6in one has a cfm rating of like 400 and I know the 8 in one has a cfm rating of about 800 so maybe this could work? What do you guys think ?

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