Best compost fish, chicken,horse

I am making a compost heap and have access to chicken, and horse manure , and some freezer burnt fish fillets. should I combine all three? What would be best if only had one? I mean do our babies prefer one over another ?

Generally you don’t want to put meat in a compost pile but it is great buried under a garden. The horse and chicken manure are generally both good however I have recently heard of people spraying hay or alfalfa fields with some kind of a weed preventative chemical that doesn’t break down after eaten by the horse which in turn makes the manure basically a pre emergent which would be awfully inconvenient

thanks for info, my neighbors horse on a 2 acre lot, no spray mostly eats feed, and grass. so put a little fish deep in the hole when transplanting to ground ?

That’s what I do with all of my veggies I am not in a legal state so MJ has to stay inside. I would mix the horse and chicken manure ,it will be hot so it will need to compost for a little while before going on plants

Be careful, fish and chicken manure can be on the hot side and can burn your plants sometimes.

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I use all of those plus pig poop i keep that separate and get dead fish from the bait shake and blood and beef bones and marrow from the butcher work’s great for gurellia growing
Get a silver tarp and soil and manure on it poor blood and the ground bones mix add another inch of soil on top mix together and wet it down and let it cook for a month do this with the pig poop and marrow with soil about 3 shovels to 1 let cook for same time then mix together dig hole fill but every 2or3 inches sprinkle myconize transplant and water and grow if need it faster put the mix in yard put brush on top and burn it mix the ash in and water and let dry then use it. I have a old blender for the bait fish.

Good info, just so happens I have a couple of those too (pot bellies) was planning on using the soil from chicken coop that is no longer used, turned them loose onto property. Thanks

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Before you put a plant in it get a pot and ph the water and test the runoff to make sure it’s not to hot of a mix for your plant

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