Best choices for growing outdoors in hot humid Virginia summers

I’m a complete newbie, but would like to grow a couple plantings over summer outdoors in Virginia. It is hot and humid (subtropical climate). Which auto flower varieties would be best for a first time grower?? Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum! Well most people will tell you they wouldn’t recommend an auto for your first real attempt growing because autos are very picky and any little thing can stunt them or throw off there production. Photo period plants are more forgiving and easier to work with and bounce back from mistakes better making them more ideal for new growers. I’m not telling you not to grow autos just saying sometimes they don’t work out to what first time growers are expecting and that’s so to in-experienced mistakes. You will get a lot of reply’s and good answers here in no time though other than just my opinion, good luck!

But higher yielding autos that I know of are Amnesia haze, white widow, Northern lights

Thanks so much for the reply. I’m concerned about the extreme heat and humidity during midsummer

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Make sure they have plenty of room for breathing and airflow without proper air flow and too humid temps you will end up with bud rot (mold). There is people who are growing outdoors in Arizona mid-west desert climates. You should do fine as far as heat goes. Pretty soon you will have reply’s from all sorts of outdoor growers. I know @Cannabian grows some monsters outdoors maybe he can help with strain ideas.

One thing you can get for nasty hot periods is shade clothe. Its used very commonly for gensing crops… should be easy to find. Also if you are in an area with high heat and loads of baking sun, cover the ground around your plants 8 inches deep in straw. This majorly improves water retention.
Dont plant in caked hard soil, add lots of compost. When you water, do it slowly and deep. Dont pussy water, git er dun. Then give the plants time to drive some root down.
As for strains… I dont do autos because I grow all spring… all summer, and well into fall. Its how my plants get big, lots of veg time and a natural flower period. You need to find a strain that grows well at your latitude and that lines your climate. May take a while to find, but they are out there, the fun is in the search.

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Thanks for the shade cloth tip. Looking forward to starting my project.

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Move to cali… jk welcome… better get to dropping some seeds my man

@Cannabian @Budbrother are who come to mind with organics outdoors

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This is where it all starts