Best cheap product dwc root care?

Starting a dwc grow. Looking for suggestions for root care that won’t break the bank

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Gotta keep liquid temps down. Some experienced hydro growers can get away with temps in the mid 70’s but not recommended. So the first issue is that. If you can’t keep temps down it means a $450 chiller.

There are beneficial bacteria available from GH and FF among others but it is pricey: $30 for one grow of Hydroguard. 3% peroxide is cheap and you’ll use it by the case.

Introduce as much air into your solution as possible.

Change rez frequently.

Use something other than buckets: a 5 gallon bucket with a 6" net basket will only allow you to have about 3 1/2 gallons in that bucket. This means you will be checking and adjusting daily during flower and fighting PH issues the whole time. Do yourself a favor and use something like a 27 gallon tote for your bucket.


Thanks for the advice

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