Best cheap LED for 1 foot plants

Looking for a LED grow just to grow like 6 plants big enough to survive outside. At least 6 inches but hopefully up to a foot before light isn’t enough.I want them to be as healthy n bushy as possible. And grow that size in under a month. Don’t have a lot of room or money. Was thinking of putting plants on a small table n hanging light over. Climate outside kills small plants but I really need to grow outside. Any suggestions? Thank you SO much!!

Depends on your budget under a 100 dollars not much out there but if you can go 200 a lot of options if your slightly handy you can get a light kit from HLG also good lights from spider Farmer, Vivosun and Mars. All the forementioned lights could be used seed to harvest so if you decide to do a small indoor grow in the future you’ll have a light. I just purchased a Bloomspect S1000 for 80 dollars just for seedlings older Samsung diodes and a crappy driver but it will do the job. The HLG kit lights are very good
if you can change an outlet in your home you can build one,


6 plants can be done under a 4 bulb 4ft florescent t5 you can get that well under 100$ you just want to veg them for outside growing right?

Yes. But they need to be really strong n healthy

Your fine with that… but don’t expect to be able to do much more then veg a couple happy plants… they love t5ho in 6500k “bright daylight” 4x 4’
They just loose there power beyond 10 12 inches there pretty useless… so get the lights close they dont burn unless there touching… I like to ride it about 3 inches above my plants…that’s what I use for seedlings and clones

See how close it is to tops of really young plants

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I actually found an amazing deal on a spider farm LED! Does anyone know how close to tops of plant I should ideally keep it as they grow? And how far up I can have it for wider lighting area where it will still work n not loose too much power? It’s SPIDER FARMER SF-2000 LED Grow Light 2x4 ft Coverage

Is it dimmable? If not I would recommend getting within 24 nches in veg and no closer then 16 in flower… sf has best numbers at 18 inches for most the fixtures… and what’s a good deal on it and what model is it

About 300-400 ppfd for week 1 400-600 week 2 and 3 should get you started right so 20 inches at about 40% for starters

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You mean dim it by 40%? Sorry never used a LED or dimable grow light before

What signs do I look out for that light is too close or too intense?

Leaves will taco up or canoe shape… edges will frill up…leaves will stand strait up all to lessen surface area exposed to to many photons

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How much did you find the sf 2000 for

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I found it for $275 on sale plus extra 15 off

I’m trying to mount 4 Led quantum boards around my Revolution Eva 1000W so I can have the best of both spectrums , Led is for resin , and node spacing , and two 500 watt PGZX tubes , But I just can’t make my tent fit what I have out at the grow farms right shew ! I feel handicapped almost !