Best camera and techniques for photographing the beautiful buds

I need an idea of what kind of camera takes the best canna pictures.
Any suggestions, growmies?
Accompanying photos to PROVE THE CAPABILITY of your suggested camera equipment would also be appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have an iPhone 13 Pro right now and it has a GREAT camera for photographing PEOPLE but when it comes to canna photography it leaves a lot to be desired.
I used to have a Samsung/Android phone and I feel like that would have been a better camera for my current purposes. It seemed to have really incredible detail that you could zoom in on endlessly.
Anyway, let me know what you think!

I’m a point and shoot auto focus take what I get picture taker
Canon EOS Rebet XTi - first generation

This is taken with my Samsung 10??? It is nice for overheads.


That’s what I’m talking about, beardless. I like that you even have a solid colored background to compliment the shots. Cannon Rebel, huh? They’re somewhat inexpensive too. Double score.

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As soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew I would either find @beardless here… or put in the worthy tag


I feel like, if I ever want to win BOM in the future, I’m gonna need to up my camera game.


Same here :rofl::rofl:


I was looking at some instagram post and the video where the guy zooms in on a tree to see a tiny white barely visible mushroom growing. He was using a Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III. New they are pricey but ebay and mercari has them from like 450-650


I’ve been wanting a nice Cannon for a long time. There’s a chance I’ll be pulling the trigger on one this year. Having a “new” bass boat, in my area, will make for some excellent wild life and family shots. Now to convince the wife


I chased the local tournaments here for years. Done pretty good.


A high-end DSLR will obviously be better than a point-and-shoot or phone at the end of the day, but never underestimate how much lighting and background have to do with getting a good photo regardless of the camera used…

Using a lightbox, with a full 6500K light surround, and a black velvet fabric background you can get some incredible flower pictures even with a decent cell phone…


I’ve also heard turning the lights out and using a flash will really make those trichomes shine. Thoughts?

Camera-mounted flashes are the bane of flashes, they have got better now that cameras are smart and can sort of adjust them, but they are still too harsh, external fill flashes or spot lights are a much better option if you want to get sparkle…

As for turning off the light, it’s going to force most modern smart cameras to really adjust exposure and flash, results could be all over the place depending on the camera unless you are able to manually adjust all the settings like you can with a DSLR in manual mode…

The good thing is that digital photography is a whole lot cheaper and faster to find what works vs the old days of film and the waiting game…

Turn off the grow lights when you’re photographing and use the flash on your iphone. Focus your camera on desired area of capture by touching where you’re intending, slowly move your camera closer while zooming in allowing it to focus. It took a bit for me to learn the technique to get stunning photos with my iPhone. It’s capable of taking fantastic pictures.

iPhone 12promax


Dude, that night sky one TRIPPED ME OUT!!! That’s the best shot of a night sky I may have ever seen.


Bro, using a camera remote changed the night pic game for me!


Everything shot unassisted and unedited on my 12 ProMax bro. Where I live helps a lot with night sky viewing I believe that night picture was taken near Mt. Whitney’s foothills. Lone Pine, Ca


@Freebirdmikes absolutely stunning photos!


I just enjoy taking pictures and I found I’m really good at choosing the best perspective when capturing images. It’s mostly about learning how to properly operate and utilize your camera. I love my iPhone camera. It’s takes fantastic night pictures other than the stars and the Milky Way.
These were take at 11pm in Death Valley it was almost completely dark. They were set at 10 second exposure time. Some of my favorite pics!

The only pic that got any help is the moon, taken through the telescope eyepiece while holding the phone. Quite a difficult task actually.


Awesome shots, man. I love taking photographs myself. My wife @Mrs.ShockDog is my biggest fan. :relieved:


Lots of settings on the phone to improve pics. Practice, practice, practice to compete in BoM.

Shhhh don’t mention trich photos either beardless has some nice skillz there also.

I bought the wife a versitile tripod for camera and iphones.

Being steady fixes alot.

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