Best budget led

Looking to see what some of the best budget friendly LED units are out here for a 4x4 from start to finish looking for 2 for my 4x8 tent

Light is the thing you can’t really skimp on your trying to imitate the SUN!
Budget led, no such thing to be honest.
There are leds you can buy for cheap that will do a sub par job and give you airey buds and stretchy plants.

Build your own led to maximize your return otherwise your better off starting off with what you cna afford in a light and then slowly buying more panels in order to get more plants to fill that space.

Best bang for your buck is kingbrites.


Budget lights will grow budget buds! Do you want budget buds???


Budget buds lol.

Yeah better to buy a small panel and grow one plant in order to save up for 3 more panels then buy junk and waste your money, airey buds, minimal bud growth, plant issues, ugh the list goes on


I actually have 8 of these panels but having issues with heat just upgraded to a 8in inline from AC Infinity today with the controller im at about 78-80 degrees for temp atm but mu inline is also set between lvl 7 and lvl 8 f9r fan speed


I’m honestly not knowledgeable in the lighting department so can’t help there but don’t let anyone tell you budget lighting isn’t worth your time. Depending on how much bud your looking for and your set up, “budget lighting” might work for you. I used some cheap $70 led lights on my grow this year and I’m not disappointed at all.


Instead of messing with lesser lights I wish I just picked up 1 of these . 2 would be great for a 4x4 and 4 for 4x8


Your girls look nice , but wouldn’t you rather have this in your tent .This is week 2 of flower. I will post again in week 10

I have two HGL 260 rspec XL


As most are stating, hlg is pretty much the best bang for your buck unless you diy.


Gues ill just stick with the 8 panels I already have atm from HLG don’t get me wrong they are putting in work for my 2 girls and soon to be 8 to 9 clones I was mainly just concerned for my plants with the heat that come from all 8 of these lights but I also just upgraded my inline today and seem to have temps under control finally haha here are my 2 atm week 3 of flower on 1 week 2 of flower for the smaller girl


Yeah you need oh you have hlg panels? Well then keep those!
Good choice in the AC 8 inch, did you get the T8? Or the s8?
Hope you got the T8…
That should help with your heat issue.
Are you venting your air to outside? If not that’s your issue

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You said lights… So how many 70$ lights do you have…
Actually what exactly are you running?

I’m in a 4x8 tent and im running 8 HLG 100 V2 3000k I currently have 2 plants in mid flower in there but have 8 clone that will be going in once I harvest the 2 that are in atm and I also have the AC T8 with the controller

No I wouldn’t because that would be in excess of what I would need/use. Again not everyone needs a large amount of cannabis to suite their consumption goals.

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I’m running 2 and they’re some generic ones from amazon.

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How many true watts are they?
Because you could have got this for 138$

And It will grow better

But eh you got what you got and its working for you so no sweat.
Just trying to help people make smart buys going forward


Totally get it and respect that. Just trying to promote people staying in their lane of what they can afford. I see too many times on this forum people shaming other people for having not having what they believe to be good quality lights.

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Haven’t seen any shaming going on at all, just good info. I wish someone would have educated me earlier.


Agreed and I would call out against what someone believes vs facts.


How dense are those nugs? I just bought $70 budget leds off Amazon, so I can start plants and veg them for the outdoor season. But I was thinking about flowering some auto flowers while I’m vegging others and wondered if the nugs would be cotton balls or if I can get actual lil nugs. Yours look good from the pic! :face_with_monocle::grin: