Best brands of coco coir?

I’m thinking about trying this medium. What are some of the better brands of coco bricks? I don’t want to hydrate them only to discover I have a tub full of saw dust. Any help from you coco gurus is greatly appreciated.

I have bought several different blocks off of Amazon and they have been great. I’m not a pro coco grower but so far doing well.

This is the one I just bought, on the pricey side I know.

Added in some perlite. Working great.

Ive also used this brand which is in my current flowering tent.

I have used some solid coco bricks from home depot. They were like $2.97 each and they worked fantastic. Viagrow I think the brand was.

Hopefully this helps. :v:

I don’t grow in coco but I do add this to my Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I add CalMag to the water when I hydrate it. I pick it up at a local garden center. No dust. Nice fibrous threads.

Canna coco in the bags. It’s pre-buffered to prevent cal-mag issues associated with growing in coco.

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Canna coco bags are great. But the bricks of Canna are amazing as well. It’s the only coco brand that I have used that was perfect right out of the bag. I tried the coco bliss brand and the ph continuously dropped on me. I will also add that running pure coco with no perlite will allow your feedings to remain every other day instead of every day, or even twice a day.


There are no drainage problems without perlite?

Coco can only hold so much water no matter how much you pour into it. With soil, overwatering can make it turn into a sludgy paste. The only time you could over water coco would be if you had a new seedling in a big pot and kept it soaked. But in a solo cup, your good to go