Best basic nutrients for noobs


Well Iv got everything I need for my first grow only thing left is seeds and nutrients.
Guy at the hydroponics store wants to sell me every bottle of nutrients they sell but I there’s no way I need all that. Was thinking of getting the Go box by general hydroponics I think the shop is it for like 40usd
Also one last thing I haven’t figured out yet is how many plants I’m even going to grow??
Iv just got one viparspectra600 right now in a 4x4 tent. Im going to make a trip down to Humboldt next weekend and get some seeds and have no idea how many to get!


Hey its a toss up but get as many as you can and first grow id say order some autoflower seeds online they are very forgiving just dont use any nutrients till 5 node light cycle is anything at or above 18 on 6 off get good soil and for autos dont transplant start them in pot you will finish in for autos 3 to 5gallon is perfect hope this helps good luck
Once you get comfortable growing that size tent is good for four regs or six autos your biggest issue will be cooling tent and youll need more light if you grow more then three with that light


The seed bank I’m going to will probably have some auto seeds available. So I should just stick to about 3 autos?


Also I’m growing in FFOF do I still wait till 5th node to add nutes?


Autos are very easy to grow so yes good for learning the basic program
Use 1/4 recommended nutrients
And keep lights on a timer 18-6 20-4 24-0 all day and night
Dont do anything but let them grow and youll be very happy with 2 to 5 oz dry per plant


Yes for sure that soil you wont need anything but ph water for all of veg if using autos and regs about 5 weeks of growth is my experience dont make the mistake most do and feed to early rule to go by is the first set of round single leafs when they turn yellow that feeding with nutrients time


I use it and happy frog fox farms is great soil loaded with nutrients good to learn on and with


600 watt viparspectra I would do two plants until you get the beginner blues fixed . But it should grow 3 plants 4 at the most .


I’m hoping I can get another 600 or 900 watt LED soon so I’ll have two. But two plants right now sounds good. I’ll probably start a grow journal on here when I germinate them. Then you guys will be getting all sorts of questions from me.


Start reading my friend the free grow bible and any other growing book you can find . Cause I can inform you everybody don’t grow the same way cause of different variables of location , climate , lights , water clarity , so if you start reading on how to grow , follow the basic steps through your first grow , than your next grow you can try different techniques . But read , read , read , and always read before are doing each grow .


Iv read a lot so far Iv got every book I could find including the grow bible.
What are the light cycles for autos?


By a cannabis plant being a C-4 plant you can run 24/0 if you want , but some do 20/4 , some do 18/6 , it’s really up to you and what you decide on auto flowers cause they will flower with even the least amount of light . Now the more light the more they will photosynthesis and grow .


I use this Dynagrow …$20 a bottle, one for veg one for flower will last thru several 4x4 area grows per bottle.


And that’s all you needed for a grow? They sell dyna grow at the hydro store here in town.
Do you do any flushes with it?


I’m still new at this, but back in September or so when I became interested in growing mj, a fellow team member recommended I use Fox Farm Trio, and so far so good. . I’m not trying to sway you in another direction, but it’s just another option.


I grow a Scrog. I am also kinda handicapped so I can’t lift the pots and push 60 gallons of water thru those pots for a proper flush. I use the Dyna grow and Bloom exclusively, exactly per the instructions. Half a teaspoon per gallon, every watering after they are at three fingers and obviously growing. I check ph. That’s it.

I stop feeding anything a couple weeks before harvest to get as much of a flush as I can that way.

You can see the results in my Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog.


Thanks @stomper Iv read a few of your scrog forums. Lots of helpful info on there.
Do you recommend LST for auto flowers?
I know you shouldn’t top or any hard training but can I still prune and move the branches around?


I don’t see why you can’t lst them. They are on a timed cycle so you don’t want to do anything they have to recover from a lot. Just enough to spread them out and get light in the middle I would assume. @yoshi is the wiz with autos tho.


I’ve grown a few but I’m learning like everyone else here but I did have impressive returns at harvest , which I don’t know if it was more light are the advance nutrients at the time .