Best autoflower for warm humid climate

Subject covers it. What are the best autoflowers that do well in high heat and humidity. To make matters worse the dreaded bud worm thrives in this area necessitating growing in a “tent” of row cover material to fend off the bud worm moth, row cover increase temp and humidity and limits air circulation, lots of mold/powdery mildew on local crape myrtles.

BB autoflower just showed signs of bud rot/mold this AM. Flowers just starting to stack, perfect conditions for rot/mold and bud worm season starting.
Daytime temps here exceed 90° F often and extended periods of dew points > 70°F.


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I’ve had good luck with og autos and white widow

Thanks, major issues here are 90°F + temps, rain and high dew points. Mold, rot and mildew are problematic here July thru September. Can battle the pests but not the weather. We had 16" of rain last week, native plants are molding. Hard to flower for 8 weeks under those conditions, BB autos are getting dense n fat, perfect for mold, mildew and rot,
AF girls now are indoors in the room with most sun, they sunbathe on the deck on good days, come in at dusk n stay in on humid, wet days.

You must be in Florida… Hahaha I’m flooded in my neck of the woods.

People’s Republik of Maryland, south and close to the Chesapeake Bay, most summer days 90 ish and normally high dew points. My friends that grow roses n ornamental flowers for market are having a rough go.

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I’m at the mouth of the bay in va, and my ww auto started to rot last week. I’m having trouble with airy, wispy, and light weight buds. The humidity and heat are killing me. My photoperiods are great.

i’m in the same region. i just posted a similar question and I have a BB that i fear for :frowning: next year will wait a month to pop seeds.