Best Auto Water System for Hydro?

Good Evening growers, so I’ve been doing pretty well with a top feed deep water culture hydro system for a while now, but am trying to automate my operation a bit more. Specifically, all I really care about at this point is creating a system that tops off my reservoirs automatically. One of largest issues I’ve faced over my first two harvests is that I cant leave my plants unattended for more than a few days at a time otherwise the water levels get too low.

I am hoping for some suggestions on cheap or DIY methods to automatically refill my reservoirs so I could leave for say a week without my plants taking much of a hit. I know there are lot of fancy auto drip and autofeed systems out there, but I really just need something to refill my rez as they get too low. I envision having a much larger tank that I fill beforehand that feeds into each rez then somehow gradually feeds them.

Any help would be appreciated!

I would use a float valve, they have a float and when the float hits a certain level that shuts the flow off like a toilet tank float, you might find one at Lowe’s or a plumbing store could sell you exactly what you need and there not too much money


Float switch for a automatic bilge pump would work also they are pretty cheap and easy to wire up .