Best and cheapest way RDWC

my 2nd time grow set up consists of
3 pails 2 net lids and 1 lid
1 inch hose. About 240cm.
4x 1 inch bulkhead fittings.
Submersible pump.
1/2 inch tubing. About 120cm.
4 outlet air pump.
Small air pump.
5 air stones.
Air tubing.
Silicone sealant for construction of leak proof set up.
From experience would recommend bigger bulkhead fittings for more water flow. Have had a few floods.

Think this would be One of the best ways for set up. I got 2 plants growing and the third pale is for checking water


very good system fro running single strains or plants which like exact same nutrients mix :slight_smile: Adds res volume increasing stable ph and ppm :+1:

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Yeah. I had these 2 alone and was trouble I thought of putting these together and found rdwc set ups during my searches. So much easier.


Great point. Plants don’t come with a feeding manual per strain so I’m guessing this would be reaction based from nutes?

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