Best air pump for 4x4 grow room 4 5 gallon bucket setup

Hi everyone.
what’s the best air pump for a 4 5 gallon bucket hydro setup.
I had a 240-GPH device and returned it cause it barely put any bubbles in the bucket. keep in mind my 4x4 tent is in an attached room so I don’t want anything too noisy that’s going to keep me up 24/7.
I see 1 on amazon that’s 1750 GPH but I think it would make way to much noise.

any suggestions???


I use a 950 gph in vegg and a 1175 gph in flower…
They are a little noisy but I hang mine from the ceiling with string and dont get alot of noise from them that way…

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i was looking into using a 1300 gph for seedling veg and flower they got 1750 gph for 99$ on amazon. i dont need 1 thats super noisy though… @peachfuzz

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You really need as much air as possible…
I get the noise factor…
I run one in vegg right next door and don’t here it…

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@peachfuzz im running my setup basically in my room. its a room attached to my room. commercial air pump is to loud.

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I run 1300 for my 6 5 gallon buckets. Upgraded from 800 cause I thought it wasn’t enough.

how loud is it? must be a commercial air pump.

Actually ended up being more quiet than the 800 GPH lol

@Siksr im going to go with a laguna 75 1100GPH

I run a 950 GPH in a 6x5gl. system, my res. is a 30 gl. igloo

I ran into the same problem with not enough pressure for my bubblers, what I figured out was the 6 valve system that came with the pump was crap. I drilled out each valve and found they were clogged from the factory. I also drilled the main air and it was almost clogged also. Find drill bits the same size as the valve out and air in. I think it was just a bad chrome job. Anyway my air flow increased 1000% my pump runs quieter and cooler which keep my water cooler. :sunglasses: :+1: Cat

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