Bertha's top is wilting


Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong here. My plant, Bertha, is budding real nice all around, but in the last few days her top has been wilting and discolored. It’s been around a hundred degrees here for months. I thought maybe I was over watering, but if I don’t water daily, the whole plant gets stressed. All the other buds are thriving. At night the buds that are wilted perk back up to almost normal. But they’re still not as thick and juicy as the others.


Is it possible the stem is damaged where it’s wilting?


Yup inspect for :crossed_fingers:t5:Buggies​:crossed_fingers:t5: They snap branches and that happens


When the temps are triple digits my plants get freaky too. Use a umbrella for the intense part of the day perhaps. Ultra violet light still penetrate.
The ladies have a hard time in such heat. They stop photosynthesis and start to droop. I’m not a biologist, I just play one.


Any plant (cannabis or not) will do this late in the afternoon in that kind of heat when they don’t have enough water in them. Are you watering twice daily? You should be giving your girl a heavy drink around 1-2pm. This will allow the water to draw up into the stems and keep them rigid. I have had vegetables, herbs, etc. that all did this, and usually it was lightweight soil that didn’t hold moisture for long. Note that it can hurry bud formation along and is damaging to the plant long term, so definitely try to protect.

As mentioned above, shade is also a good idea.


I checked all the stems. They look fine. all the bark is untouched. There are no bugs. It’s only the top buds that are dying. The only thing I did different was move her to a sunnier area. It was for one day. It started after that.


I think it’s possibly heat stress then. Was it a very hot day? Maybe you should move her back into the shade.


Cannabis wants the same temperature range you do. If it’s too hot for you it’s definitely too hot for the plant! It needs to be in shade or partial sun when temps are like that. Remember that the demands on the plant change during flower and that has an affect too.

Lots of water and go easy on the nutrients when they drink heavily.


Look familiar? This is how my basil looks when it’s underwatered in too much heat.


My basil looks wired too.image


Wilted I meant


Yes, I’m believing it is due to heat stress. It has been upper nineties with 50% humidity for 2 months, then almost overnight, it’s 106 degrees with 20% humidity. She was only out of her normal spot for 1 day, but it was enough to have a big affect on her. I had to cut the entire top off. I put some shade cloth to cover the exposed bark. She seems okay now.


I checked the stems. They all look fine, but very brittle. All of the top has died off, but the side branches are still alive and almost ready for harvest. The same exact thing happened 2 years ago to a plant that was growing in the ground.


This is what Bertha looked like Sept. 21. A few more branches have died off since then. There’s still some nice bud left though. It must have been extreme heat that she had problems with.
I think I’m close to harvest. What do you all think. Should I wait until amber tricomes. I want max flavor.