Bertha kicking butt


Bertha is now 38" tall and 45" wide. I can’t wait for her to flower. Any suggestions until then?


Other than some light thinning if the interior looks starved for light. She looks happy and healthy!


She’s very happy even in 108 degree heat we are having now. I try to keep the leaves removed that are starting to yellow, but it is so thick and bushy it’s hard to keep up on.


Looks like a happy plant; don’t change a thing.


Very nice.![image|666x500]In this heat have you seen this leaf bend? Only since the heat and on just a few branches. (upload://3Xf1HgwlU3uYK0VUQ1Z2Ne44HvS.jpeg)


I haven’t had any problems with the leaves under extreme heat. I’ve had to water everyday for over a week now. We’re supposed to get back into our monsoon rains and 50% humidity this weekend which is normal for our summer. She really thrives in those conditions.


Sorry I tried to show a photo



You’re definitely going to have a nice harvest. My leaves have curled like that when they get real thirsty. Are you in the desert?


Amazing gals you’ve got there :+1:t3: I’ll be watching.


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Untied trained branches and put in six foot plastic coated metal stakes for tying a cross string to hold colas(when they get here!) Figured out the nutrient deficiency, not enough nutes.


I’ve been using Fox Farms Big Grow liquid fertilizer and plan on using their Tiger Bloom real soon. I got it on Amazon. It was recommended by growers.


I also topped mine when it was about 18" tall. I can’t have them tall like yours.


bertha for sure. good job…


This was last year Gorilla Glue, in smaller 20 gallon cloth pot and some smaller. This year the White Widow wasn’t outside till June 2nd, so it’ll have to catch up. Still the new 100 gal pots have eclipsed the heights and girth of last years grow.


Nice looking plants! I’d work on careful, regular trimming of the interior of the plant. Keep the interior open for good air circulation and keeping the bugs away.


It looks like you topped your plants last year? That is an awesome, healthy looking crop.


No, never have topped plants. So many growers told me to, but I just never have. Some day maybe. I have realized size of pot matters. Next pot will be a 1000 gallon. They are huge but grow a forest of weed.


I’ve realized that too. My plant is close to being root bound already. I’m going to go bigger next year, but I need to be portable.