Berry Bomb and Iced Widow Flowering grow Journal


Soo didn’t really find this site until I was pretty much all the way done with my veg cycle and my wife’s been telling me over and over to start a grow journal so here it is, well at least the flowering part of it. So in total I have 6 plants 5 that are iced widow clones and 1 that is a Berry Bomb Clone

. This one is my berry bomb. my biggest iced widow.
. And this is a picture of the whole group of them. I am using 1000w mh bulb for veg and will be switching to 1000w hps bulb next Wednesday or so when I switch to 12/12. Will keep updated with more pics of setup and through flowering stages


This is also my first big indoor grow I’ve ever done let alone the first DWC grow I’ve done so has been an interesting learning curve, so any advice anyone has I’m all ears, thanks.


They will get extremely tall and heavy , a scrog won’t hurt but you might have to support some colas due to the height of the stretching , can’t wait to see how they turn out under that 1,000 HPS .


So I’m bored tonight and messing around in my room so figured I’d post some more pics of equip I’m using

portable ac unit/ dehumidifier this is 360 watt LED gonna be using it in my closet for my next round of plants that will need an extra 6 hours of light after I switch the 6 to 12/12 next week and thank @yoshi for the advice I bought some yoyos for that reason but not sure if there gonna do the job so I might end up making a last minute something or other if I have too


Did a little re aranging today and hung up my other 1000 watt hood will run both @ 600 or 750 watts instead of one at 1000 watts all the time

will switch to hps bulbs tomorrow and start 12/12 seeing as I got my closet cleaned out today for my clones to go in


First hour of day 3 flowering LOONG ways to go


Soo day 8 of flowering and noticed my berry bomb has EXPLODED in growth over the last week or so of running 12/12

Day before switching to 12/12

One week after switching 12/12 growing like crazy

Might end up having to put up a scrog, trying to get away without doing it this grow tho.


looking good keep up the journal more will follow as it gets further along I like the use of second light should add some good density :slight_smile:


@Donaldj hey thanks for the words of encouragement, not worried about if a bunch of people follow I mean dont get me wrong the more the merrier but just doing this for own personal reference darn that short term memory loss haha. Yea the lights work pretty good angled I was using one flat for all 6 plants but they started getting to big for that and over lapping so figured I’d break the 2nd one out of the box and angle them both in towards each other. This will most likely be my first and last HPS grow I will be ordering 2 P600s at the beggining of next week to replace one of my 1000w. Then 2 weeks later from that I’ll order another 2 to replace the other 1000w. Plan is to have 2 5x5 tents with 2 600’s in both, one for flowering and one for veg. Then I will use my closet (3’x4’x7’) to constantly run 2 -3 autos in it.


If you want to avoid scrog consider bending if done in first week or 2 of flower before stems start to harden you can get your canopy nice and even without a net and keep it out of your lights but has to be done before stems start to harden or they snap pinch stems between fingers and gently squeeze and work stem so it droops to where you want within day or so they will angle back up towards light again


@Donaldj do you think that 12 days into 12/2 is to late to add a scrog to my system? They still seem like they are going through stretch pretty good only thing I’m worried about is my tallest is like 43 inches off the ground but my smallest one is 38 inches. my room is big enough I can just make the scrog get shorter as it gets to the smaller plants just worried if I’m to late into flowering to add one now. Any one experienced in scrogs think I should be ok adding one or am I over thinking it and should leave them alone and try to tie Colas up with yo yos/ strings?


If your stems aren’t brittle and hard you can still add scrog net or bendbut hey typically do majority of stretch in first 14 days that’s not to say they won’t still get taller just that it will be a slower rate


Well I built an added a scrog last night hopefully I did it right and it works haha guess we will see

How’s it look?


looks like everything is going well


That’s not a scrog that just some plants with a screen you need to tuck everything under the screen grow horizontally not vertical


A lot of them are ran over a square or 2 horizontally is best I could do on first grow with how late I added. stems are starting to get pretty hard and brittle already snapped 2 off just doin that :confused: but the centers of the plants are opened up giving the smaller inside branches more light now which is a bonus. Will have more time and knowledge to do it more correctly next time. But thank you am trying to retain as much knowledge an help from anyone I can I’m by no means a pro an have much to learn


if you level your lights you will get fuller buds the angle means you are losing intensity via distance from plants the point to keeping canopy level is to get kolas best light by having your lights give you best bang for watts. In veg not as huge a factor but if you want tight compact buds run both lights level


I’ll switch them around tonight when my brother comes over just hard to switch the angles by myself without putting them on the ground and hopefully by next week I’ll be switching one of them out with 2 p600’s


@Donaldj I switched lights around yesterday. I am now 17 days into flowering and starting to look good can’t wait!


looking very nice