Bergmans seedling fertlizer

First time grower here and I’m having a little trouble understanding bergmans seedling fertlizer instructions. No where on the package does it tell you how much of the ferlizer to mix with how much water, however after researching this site I found the feeding schedule for soil and hydroponics. I’m growing in soil and I have my seedlings in containers and right now they have just sprouted and got 4 or 5 leaves on them. My question is if I follow the feeding schedule for soil and mix 1/2 tsp of seedling fertlizer in 1 gallon of water how often do I water the plant? How much does 1 plant need each watering? How many times a day? How much does the plant get each time? Does the 1 gallon of water equal just 1 week of watering for 1 plant? … I have 5 plants I am trying to water with this seedling fertlizer so I’m trying to figure out how much each plant needs and when it needs it… I am also wondering since I am growing outdoors, at what point can I take my seedlings and transplant them in the ground? How old do they need to be? I have attached pictures of what they look like right now any and all help I’d appreciate it. Thanks

At this point I would spraying them 2 to 3 times a day with a spray bottle overwatering at this point is a death sentence the aluminum container should have drain holes you don’t want them sitting in water you could use humidity domes and it’s a little early to transplant

I’m spraying them with a mist bottle about 3 times a day. Yes the aluminum can has holes in the bottom for drainage I just put them in the aluminum cans to get them more sturdy from the wind blowing them over… as far as my original question any info on the amount of fertlizer to use PER PLANT? And I know they are way too early to transplant now but I don’t know when I should expect to transplant them around 2 weeks old, 4 weeks, 8 weeks??? I’m really not sure

Here you go…I go by weight. I fill a Solo cup with soil, weigh it, then give them 4oz every four days or so and weigh it again. Adjust as per the weight.

Being in a peat pot transplanting is easy but I usually wait until the canopy is a little larger than the pot but auto flowers need to transplanted in ther final pot as for the starter fertilizer for the first 2 weeks I use just ph water then I would start with the nutes but if your in a soil like happy frog no nutes needed this is the point where we ask you to fill out a support ticket

That’s the feeding schedule I’m referring to and it shows how much fertlizer to use per 1 gallon of water but it does NOT tell me how much of that fertluzer water to use PER plant, and how often? How many times a day? Is it daily watering with that fertlizer or just once a week, twice a week etc? It’s very confusing that’s why I’m posting this. I don’t understand how much to use or how often per plant.

I water my seedlings once a day and might mist them at lights out. I water the little ones (up to 2 weeks) with an eyedropper that I use to put the water at the base of the plant. Just little drops to allow the soil around the plant to absorb the water. It will only take a few drops (about 1.5 ml). What this does is allow the tap root to grow deeper.

I don’t feed my seedlings. They go into my super soil without amendments and they are in that for their first month.

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Ok thank you for all your help. Not sure how to fill out a support ticket as this is the first time I’ve been on this site to ask a question :thinking:

So for the first month you don’t use any fertlizer on the seedlings? I thought the first month of their life was the most critical time and needed the extra nutrients to grow deeper stronger roots and stems…I’m so confused :confused: I’ve been watering them 2-3 times a day with regular water nothing added and they seem to be growing fine just trying to figure out when to add the seedling fertlizer and how much each plant needs

@oldmarine said it better than I did it depends on the medium your using some come with everything a plant needs what brand soil are you using

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My super soil is plenty of feed for them. The seedling doesn’t need feeding for it’s first few weeks. That doesn’t mean your medium needs to be sterile, but it also doesn’t need to be saturated with fertilizer.

Less is more in my book.


Not really, but even if it was you only need to add nutrients if there aren’t any available. When you say soil, that usually implies some amount of nutrients already in the media.

What kind of soil are you using? Is there into about nutrients printed anywhere on bag?