Bergman's Plant food usage

I purchased the Bergman’s Plant Food set of set of fertilizer packs, but I can’t find the explicit instructions I need. I’m at the seedling stage and want to use the Seedling Booster. It says Usage: o.5g/L, which i assume means 1/2 gram by weight per liter of water. But should I use this every time I water, or only every other time, etc.? And at what point would I move to the ‘stage two’ Growtime Fertilizer. Stage 3 is the Plant Booster but there is also a Stage 3 Flowertime fertilizer. I need to find more detailed instructions for my first grow here. If i’m missing this somewhere on this site, please let me know.

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The best way to manage nutrients, regardless of what nutrient brand you are using, is to manage runoff PPM. All experienced growers manage their nute levels by targeting a specific PPM level (usually with a target PPM of ~1,000.)

Follow product instructions for proportion of feeding per growth stage.


Here is their feeding chart. Pay attention to whether it says for soil or hydro…