Bergmans nutrient chart

I just started week 1 veg yesterday. I’m using bergmans nutrients this is the schedule they say to follow. One, do I need to do a water change every week or just add in the next dose of nutrients? 2,I’ve been told to go with half strength on the nutrients. Do I do that or actually follow the bergmans nutrient guide for hydro? It also calls for 750 ppm. I’m at 336 using 5ml of calmag per gallon as directed. Do I need to add more to get it up to the 750 ppm?


I am in an amended soilless medium called roots organics original potting soil… I am using Bergman nutrients. I use 1/4 to 1/3 of the recommended dosage, and pH to 5.8.

In my first grow I used full dosage and it wound up messing up the ppms of my soil, and hurting my plants.

Someone who uses true hydro will be here shortly.

I did the seedling nutrients at half strength and calmag and still had low ppm and ph between 5.8-5.9. I did my water change and added the first round of the growtime nutrients close to 3/4 strength and 5ml of calmag per gallon of water and still only brought my ppms up to 320

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@MattyBear @dbrn32 any suggestions for hydro support on berg nutes?

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I would double check the ppm meter… make sure it’s working because that sounds low for 3/4 strength…

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Would it make a difference since I’m using ro water?

When I put it in the ro water it reads zero

Have you tried measuring it out by weight? Most of the guys I see using powdered nutes recommend that.

Not sure how to do that on the guide it only shows me per gallon or liter

I just checked manual for tds meter and says no need for customer calibration

Grams is a measurement of weight. There’s 3.875 liters per gallon. So at full strength .9 grams per liter would be about 3.5 grams per gallon.

Thanks I’ll try that next week at water change

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I would see if gets you closer to target ppm anyway.

After I posted, I was also wondering if you stirred adequately to get all of the elements suspended. I would stir vigorously for a few minutes. And then regularly every couple of minutes for a few cycles before testing.

When I check the ppm I will usually let the autofeeder run for 30 minutes to circulate the water then stir the reservoir and check