Bergman's Lab Tag

@garrigan62 just putting this here so we don’t hijack others threads. This is about the lab tag not showing up in the ILGM forums. I’m sure it’s technical and an easy fix but not sure what yet.

Thanks for lookin into it for me. :vulcan_salute:

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I talked to Latewood last night for ya and he said he had no control over that and that you should contact the front office at :

contact us at

They should be able to help you at that address.


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Sent a contact.

OK cool let me know what you find out if you don’t me nd…


10-4 CB big buddy.

Right on brother.

They said they don’t deal with this forum at the lab support side. They think you had to have been a member of the lab before the split to show in both?

Maybe @latewood can say. If not, no biggie.

There was never a split. There was a blog, a forum, and grow guides section. When Bergman’s Lab was built, it was built as an entirely separate entity. Absolutely no connection with ILGM except for the fact that you can use both areas, and, there are many Lab members that started out at ILGM, and others who subscribed to the Labs and then started participating here.

I was waiting to see what you found out. I will go make a tag for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That was nice of you.

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@latewood what is the $7.00 for lifetime access thing that was offered last month ? I got into that and was wondering where to go . I understand I’m not a regular lab member just curious what it does allow access to. Thanks

I am sorry. I have no idea what you bought for 7 bucks. I missed that one. Can you find the post or link to what you joined?

@latewood been looking what it was for and was asking to see if you knew what it was . That’s okay though it’s only $7.00 bucks it might be a weekly email with tips from Robert Bergman thanks anyhow

Next time I communicate with the office, I will try to remember to ask what costs 7 bucks.

Even though I am Admin and do know most of what is going on; I have nothing to do with sales or promotions with the Lab. After all; I did not have to sign up, so I missed the process you all go through. Sorry man :slight_smile:

I think it was a Mini-Course. Maybe had a link in the email. My memory is vague and I will search my emails for the offer.

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I seem to recall it was some kind of trial view for seven bucks? Mike

Here is the link …

No don’t trouble your self @Lakewood it was the nine things you must know about growing . Thanks all for the help