Bergman's Lab forum is _moving over_

Dear ILGM forum members,

The forum at Bergman’s Lab will close down by year’s end. The ILGM team decided to focus all their efforts on the content and store.

We are encouraging Bergman’s Lab forum members to move their content over to the ILGM forum.

PLEASE offer them a warm welcome! Help your fellow growers out in any way you can.

Thanks, stay healthy,

Len and the ILGM team

PS - this topic is closed for replies due to unfunded negative accusations. Promises made to those members will be fully kept.


Pardon my ignorance but what is this lab forum? How will it affect us here at the ILGM forum?

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It’s the paid side of the forum. Comes with training modules and private messages. The only thing it’ll effect here is the people over there will likely start posting over here.


Great, thank You

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As mentioned. It will not affect you at all. There are only approx. 100 active members in the Lab.

No changes will be made in regard to Moderating staff or anyhting else here at ILGM.

Lab members will have a section for further inter-communication of established forum friends.