Bergman's Lab Badge

What does it mean? How can a user get it?
@Covertgrower @imSICKkid

Pay for it

Nahhh it doesn’t work like that! Does it?

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Yea it truly does

Mmmm for which purpose?

Profit what else?

You mean they have a free forum that leads to a paid forum???


Looking at the link you posted, it is for VIP support. Maybe it is linked to ilgm forum though.

That’s support for bergmans check the drop down link for signing up to learn to grow by Bergman and access to the paid forum

No thanks! I am pretty satisfied with my friends support here :joy:


But you to could pay to learn to grow and have access to the paid forum :rofl:

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Bergman sent you to advertise his forum? :joy:

If he knew what I was truly saying I would t be allowed near them :wink:

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Free badge for @PharmerBob :hugs:

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Free badges for everyone

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Revolutionnnnnn :v::v:

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They’re shutting down the lab (paid side) so that’s why you’re starting to see them over here.


Are the people that moved over here from the lab going to have their badge from before or no?

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Badges? BADGES? we don’t need no stinking badges



I think so, but there’s a few options in you’re profile settings change the display. Unless you’re referring to your screen name…