Bergmans Goldleaf First Grow

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Just goes to show the difference between an outdoor grow of an auto vs feminized non auto. On April 1 I potted day old white widow auto seedlings and Bergmans goldleaf feminized non auto seeds. My WWA harvest are in the 2nd week of their cure in 6 standard ragu jars. I’ve also made a batch of brownies with cannabutter and a 20 ounce tincture using tequila. You can follow that journey by reading my previous journal. Now as comparison, this story begins on day 102 of the Bergman goldleaf planting. I think I’ve reached the beginning of the flowering stage. I’m lucky to have gotten this far as my wife is pissed about my new hobby. I put the last surviving goldleaf plants in/ground into a corner of the shrub garden. They are about 40 inches tall and I am starting to feed them a fish based blooming nutrient. At the same time I started another auto- a mazar based hybrid. It is a runt, but I’m trying an air pot to see if it matters. So here we go, let’s see if I can be patient this time.


Im here and watching! Love Gold Leaf. :beers: to a bountiful harvest

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Wives can be such a drag…but also so fun :wink:

they can be a lot of work to keep them happy. we have a friend who was recently diagnosed with chrones, not sure if I am spelling it correctly, but this friend responds to the magic of MJ and it seems to make her feel better, my wife is slowly coming around.


I had a little room in the basement under the stairs that was full of spiders and camping gear. After it was legalized I told her if she ever cleaned my ONE space up other than the tool bench I was going to convert it. About a year later I heard her and her friend banging around and I came down and said STOP. “Do you remember the conversation?” She said yeah but didn’t believe me. 8 days later it was insulated, decked and rewired. 4 days after that it had its first signs of life. Now I occupy the whole basement and spend about 2/3 of my time off down here lol. Beer making, project making and plant tending.


Lmmfao. Sounds like good living. And a doggone decent wifey. :+1:t5::+1:t5:

She’s a plant killer too. I told her I would teach her and that she should learn today because what if I die? You can’t just let them die too! The process is therapeutic for me personally. I get to know each individual and their needs while I use my mind and think about how I can make it exactly what they want to make them happy. I always say “it’s not a
competition, but I hate losing”.
So there’s that aspect too

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Lmao. Yea playing in the garden is my downtime after work. Helps me wind down and relax

a few more days have passed. Of the two Bergman Goldleafs, the plant which took the most abuse is ahead on the flowering. My better and healthier plant not so much. And the auto mazar seed is still a runt at day 30 or so. The goldleaf leaves were curling in a sign I took to mean too much water. So I backed off and they seem to have responded. I hope I wasn’t flushing away too many nutrients. We are in the dog days of summer and hopefully the Bergmans start to mature. They have recently become noticeably taller.

They are flowering. And the crumpled leaves look like a type of environmental stress. Whats the temps been?

Yes sir they are deff taller…hopefully those stems bulk up or you’ll have to fight the weight…well that’s not a bad thing lol

the auto mazar runt is flowering. It looks like a bansai not sure what’s up with it. I was out of town last 4 days and the goldleafs cooked a bit. I haven’t lost hope of salvaging them and will post pics this weekend. The 6/27 WWA harvest is still curing and smells great every time I burn the jars.

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Burn or turn? :joy: and she may recover. A good drink and some loving

I trimmed off the dead branches from lack of water when I was out of town and rest of plants seem to be doing okay. Progressing nicely, maybe a September harvest. The mazar auto run wasn’t watering well so I took a chance and transplanted from airport to a bigger plastic pot that served my white widow autos well. I will hope for the best.

Best of luck. N the GL should be fine. Dog days of summer are a beast sometimes. Keep her well hydrated.

@Mrcrabs @Myfriendis410 @Budbrother u gurus got any tips or tricks to help a dehydrated lass bounce back?

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I use aloe Vera spray, when days are extremely hot , just before sunset.

15ml per quart of water


Haha i should have def known that

What doesnt aloe do in your house


Aloe, Kelp & Silica


Goldleaf and Auto Mazur Update******
Good news bad news. Bad news is the one stressed gold leaf died RIP. The good news is I donated his body to science. When life gives you lemons, make canna butter. So I cut down the deceased goldleaf, not sure what happened, but it was probably too many hot July days while I was out of town. So I cut the wilted plant and dried her out for a few days. Then I crumbled her remains into an old empty ragu sauce jar and baked it for 45 minutes. I did that so the house wouldn’t stink — because my wife is not 420 friendly. I took the crispy decarbed material and added it to a slow cooker with 2 cups of butter and 10 cups of water, then turned it onto low, put it outside as to not stink up the house, then waited 6 hours while it simmered. I strained the contents into a bowl and refrigerated it overnight. In the morning I separated the cannabutter from the water. That night I melted the canna butter again and did one more filtering through a cheese cloth to remove any leaf that snuck through the first time. So now I have cannabutter and will make some cookies later this month.

I’m happy to report my last sprouted goldleaf is in the homestretch and the buds are taking shape nicely. They will not make the budporn but it looks like it will be a decent harvest sometime in September.

The Auto Mazar runt is looking good but small. I have one stalk maybe a foot tall with maybe 6 inch of bud starting to fill in with nice trichs. Believe it or not, these seeds were acquired on eBay from a Canadian seller. It’s a runt for sure and not 1/10 of the quality of the WW autos from ilgm. Nonetheless, I will see what I get when she is done growing next month.

Lastly, feedback on the cured Auto WW I referred to has been excellent. Unbelievable harvest and quality and I didn’t even go to the term and chopped early.


Congrats on the silver lining. And the harvests uve had. Also the impending ones. Hope that budder does its job! And cheers to the gold leaf #2 making it to Sept.