Bergman's Gold leaf


I have no luck with these seed. The first 5 didn’t germinate and the replacements came two different days. The first seed came a few days before other 4. It didn’t ever show tap root in ph’d water after 2+ days, so I put in in a Ph’d 1.5" rockwool. It did break surface, but its stagnant and all that is visible is one coteldyn leaf laying flat over hole. The other 4 have been in water for 3 days now and still not germinated. This is now 10 seeds and not one sprout. Any feedback?


What is your technique? I will give you mine which works 100% of the time.

Custard cup half full of distilled water (NOT tap) with four or five drops of 3% peroxide added. Seeds in the water and the cup in a warm dim location (I use the cable box) until the seeds crack and a tail shows. I 've had upwards of 7 days but usually the ILGM stuff is open in 48 hours. Gold Leaf is a vigorous plant and IIRC they sprouted very quickly.

If you are not having success, wait to drop seeds until you figure out what’s happening. They’re too expensive for playing with lol.


They are certainly expensive.
I have a small black cup and fill with about a 1/2 cup of 5.5 to 6 ph water only. I put in a shoe box up on closet shelf. I am using a Brita filter on these last ones, just PhD tap water on first five. All other strains show tap root in 2-3 days. I’m afraid to let them sit in water any longer, based on internet searches, I have never seen a tap root on a Gold Leaf seed. I usually drop in rockwool or coco after 3+ days. I have tried both mediums. I have had 20 other seed strains germinate and sprout in the 4 days these Gold leaf seeds have been sitting in water. I will try to leave them in water and see if they open up.


Transfer to a paper towel. Fold it. Then wet (not soak) keep in dark warm spot. By tomaro root should show


Will do …thx


Another trick is to lightly run a seed down a nail file (sandpaper) which will weaken the husk.

I would suggest adding the peroxide.

My guess is you got a lot with fairly thick shells: I did a bunch of Sour Diesel seeds (15) in May and they took up to 7 days in peroxide and water. I was validating an experiment and only kept 7 of them lol.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will update in a few days, hopefully with positive news!!


I place my seeds in water for about 24hrs, then into paper towel. When tap roots come out, I transfer to Rockwood. Just finished a grow with ILGM Gold Leaf. Sprouted fine
Like @PurpNGold74 said


Thank you.


I would take @Myfriendis410 suggestion and add hydrogen peroxide. It works wonders to get the seeds to break open. I lost $100 worth of seeds on starting my second grow. I swore that wasn’t going to happen again. I learned from a member here to use hydrogen peroxide and have had 100% germination since. Doesn’t mean all are going to grow good, but they won’t grow at all if the seeds don’t crack.

Seeds in 50:1 water/hydrogen peroxide


thank you. I will try that for sure. your ratio is very small, so it could only help!!


A lot of this is simply learning to be patient. Or avoiding over loving your plants too lol.


So hard , their so lovable