Bergmans Gold Leaf breeding

While I only got one seed to germinate from 10 the lone survivor is very impressive which makes me want to have another go at B.G.Leaf, I have purple pistils which would suggest there is some ‘purple’ in the breeding does anyone have any idea what the breeding is in Bergmans Gold Leaf ?

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It’s a close guarded secret. I would email support with your order number and let them know how many didn’t germinate. They will replace them

Yes they have been very good with replacement seeds that is why i only deal with them, that is not the problem here I would just like to know where the purple comes from not the full bloodline in breeding.

Possibly one of the purple indicas. Genetics are currently unknown. The sativa side was bred in for height and indica for characteristics is all I could find.

Yeah definitely something Purple in there tks mate