Bergman's Gold Leaf Autoflower questions

I planted two Bergman’s Gold Leaf Autoflower seeds on April 6. They got so tall, I had to give them their own room, which is fine. In fact, it’s better for them.

My girls (Mary and Jane) are 4 ft. tall. I had to use wire to pull them down so the entire plant received enough light evenly. Are they supposed to be this tall? I thought autoflowers were only 2 ft. tall.

Also, they smell delicious, the leaves are healthy, but I don’t know if they’re starting the flower stage. The girls have been in the ground 103 days. Picture is attached.

Can someone give me any insight on these?


Don’t see any sign of flowering. There may have been a mixup and you ended up with photo seeds. If you’re indoor, I’d give them 12/12 light schedule if you’re not already

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Um. What are photo seeds? I started the 12/12 light schedule a few days ago.

Photo plants are the opposite of auto. Photo plants, you determine when the flowering happens by switching lighting to 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. Auto plants, they decide when they flower regardless of light schedule. At 103 days in soil, an auto should have been well into flower


Thanks Bobbydigital! I didn’t realize how long they were in the ground until I found my journal when I started growing them.

I’m not sure of the stretch on the gold leaf but I hope you have head room if they’re 4 foot tall. They’re really going to start their stretch if you just flipped to 12/12

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Oh boy. They’re in the bathtub. I think there’s another foot of room.

They can double and triple in size during their flowering stretch. Check out some videos on low stress training (lst). Might want to look into high stress training ( hst, super cropping) as well. You will likely need it.


I low stress trained them, but will definitely look into the others. Thank you so much!

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Come post back with updates

I sure will!

I’ve never grown Bergman’s Gold Leaf, but the autoflower version is listed as compact - it should be only about 2 feet tall.
It sounds like you got a photoperiod version. What is the item number on your invoice or the package you received it in? It should have the letters “FA” in it if you ordered an autoflower. If it was ILGM’s mistake, they should do right by you.


I’ve grown some white widow auto that have grown to 5’ tall and I’ve had one not flower for 3 months

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Okay, this is weird. They’ve been on the 12/12 light schedule for 3 days. When I go in the room, it doesn’t have the aroma it used to when I’d open the door. It’s there a little, but it doesn’t hit me in the face like it did before.

Is this normal?

Aroma will come and go. I don’t know why. Some days I will open my tent and smell nothing. Other days, it smells… wonderful!!!

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I know! There are days the aroma is so good, I don’t want to leave the room. The past couple of days, it smells like dirt.

its your terepenes developing…mmmm !


I did a lot of changing up the way my girls were growing. There was a lot of room for them to grow vertically, so I untied them because a horizontal grow In the bathtub would have them out of space for flowers. My lights are on an adjustable tension shower rod, so moving the lights to suit the girls wasn’t a problem.

image image

I’m getting ready to harvest them, but I want to do it right since I screwed up so much in the beginning. ILGC did send photo seeds instead of autoflower, and they were rock stars taking care of me. Best service ever! :grinning:

My pre-harvest questions are:

  1. Why don’t they get water for 48 hours?
  2. Why do they need darkness for 2-3 days?

Part of me wants to whack the buds off the plant and start over in a few weeks. Another part of me says “Look! You have buds and they smell delicious!”

I’d really appreciate some insights, comments and critiques :smiley:

is it possible to see a picture ofyour whole goldleaf auto please ?
i am growing the same by natural light in a heated greenhouse and I would like to compare plants as this is my first adventure with G/Leaf Autos.

my bean sprouted on the 5th of August and its now in full ( 30") flowering wonder…i think. :roll_eyes:

Here’s Goldie. I totally screwed up, but she’s starting to smell pretty. image image

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