Bergmans fertilizers

Hi everyone
Need help on how much fertilizer do I give each plant after it’s diluted

Do u have pics of plants to show how big they are what nutrients are u using ,what medium are u using for the grow

They 27 days old and I have no idea what medium is

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They are looking really nice :+1: the medium is what type of soil or what ever you are growing in. Welcome to the community!

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Ty I had to google it anyways lol
So I use first amendment super soil about 2 inches on a 5 gallon bucket and I filled the rest with fox farm ocean forest soil

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So anybody has any idea how much fertilizer I give each plant after is diluted?I got bergmans fertilizer

The only directions I’ve found was to go to the page where you buy it.

I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now but I’m new here (just stumbled across your post) and also purchased ILGM’s fertilizer. I found this chart after a bit of hunting.


That schedule worked well for me last year.

Do I follow the chart every watering? Every other? Total rookie here so thank you for the advice.

It’s a weekly feeding schedule I found here on this site when I purchased a mix pack of autos but you’ll definitely need to water every few days depending on how your medium dries out and as your ladies increase in size they’ll demand more. I’m in soil and I also add fungi, blackstrap molasses (I like the idea of living soil) and CalMag to the soil on another watering. Finally I’m using a foliage spray 1x week during my veg cycle called Magic Green from Humboldt. Honestly though after reading through this forum there must be dozens of different methods on here.

@MattyBear @Covertgrower may help on this maybe!!