Bergmans fertiliser

Im not a large grower and do it mainly to produce THC oil for my Father who is fighting Cancer. At the moment I have two Nova OG plants by Anesia seeds that have started flowering. I used the feeding schedule on the site for my plants which are quoted to be nutrient hungry by the seedbank. The schedule states 1 gram of flowering nute to a litre so I fed my ladies 10 litres of ph water with 10 grams in,that’s 5 each on a water water feed cycle, but both display nutrient burn with one being severe. Thw ph going in is 6.5 and drain off is the same. Please help me? Many thanks.

Well if you are seeing burn which in most cases if you follow mfg directions you will burn them you can flush and start back out with a 1/4 strength and go from there. So do 2.5 grams for 10 liters then feed them more as they get older and get hungrier. Also do you have a tds meter it tells you how much you are feeding

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Sirsmokes has it right. Following mfg feeding schedule will get you badly burned plants. Took me more than a few starts to realize this fact of growing. Usually I start at 20% of feeding schedules at one week…then add more till plant is big n green. Usually not more than 50% of mfg’s schedules.

Thanks for your replies guys its much appreciated. I recon the Bergman feed is very potent stuff so will be following your recommendations,thanks again for the heads up.