Bergman Seedling fertilzer on soiless white widow autoflower

Waiting for my Bergman Auto White Widow seed to break ground. also bought the Bergman nutrient line as well…

Im usinging a soiless mix of cocoa, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, dolomite lime… since there is no nutes should i use the seedling nutrients or will it burn the seedling because its autoflower… I wasnt thinking if the nutrients were geared more towards photo-period seeds or auto’s…

Also, should i be using the nutes at the recommended dosage schedule or be doing 1/2 strength like on other nutrient brands…

looking forward to using the complete Bergman Line Up and Genetics!!!

Thanks for your knowledge & input!!

I’d wait a week before using nutes then start half strength

From the time the seed cracks the plant has a week worth of food built inside its self.
You want to start nutrients very lightly, I don’t grow in a soil less mix so I can’t help much on the exacts and I don’t use those nutes.
Your going to want a TDS meter and measure the TDS of the nutes your feeding that’s the most accurate way to feed nutes