Bergman’s Seedling Booster

Can I use the seedling booster even if I am staring my seedlings in seedling mix; or did I waste my money? If I had to use one or the other, which is best?


So question was can u use a seedling starter mix soil or a booster like a nutrient to help boost the seed starting?? Honestly I’ve had a few issues germing seeds lately and never have had this issue. I have been taking my clonex gel and setting my seeds in the hole in the coco drop a drop or 2 of clonex gel on the seed lightly cover and water away. Seems to work great so far as the 2 seeds I tried to germ and didn’t I got to start to grow. Yeah. @Not2SureYet I have action on the last Maui for the wife. She is gonna be stoked for this as she thought I wasn’t getting on to grow

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This really depends on what seedling mix you are referring to?

If it does come pre loaded with nutrients to help a plant start, I probably wouldn’t add the seedling booster at least to start.

If you really just want to start using it, really light doses 1/4 strength or maybe even 1/2 strength recommended feed probably wouldn’t hurt.

Good luck on your grow!

Knf the seed, use the nutrient mix to boost growth of that cycle.

Then once it’s ready place it in the starter mix.

I’d only mix up a shot glass worth of nutes if possible, not sure how that stuff comes but you can make some use of it.

Also not sure what’s in Bergman’s starter mix but check that it has something N to get you into veg. Then you should be able to water until you see the plant needs more then the soil mix is providing

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First. I wouldn’t try starting seeds in coco. Not directly. I have tried my self fe times to see if it would be easier. Out of all my samples I did. I was only able to start one like that. And it didn’t go well for me. The coco is to loose to support the seedling as it comes up . Or at least till it is making some roots. Just my 02 there. H2O2 in some water does me best. Or just plain tap water. I have to make sure they soak enough to drop. Even if I have to tap on them. if they still float after a tap. I have to leave them in the water longer till they drop. If not. The odds are not with me that they will pop. And some times you do get those with a tiny tail that give up right after. I just had a AK - 47 auto do that to me. I am glad to see you got one of the MW to pop though @Mark0427

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Wow. I always start seeds in coco also clones after they r rooted go right to coco well ever since I’ve started coco it’s been this way one got a bit too heavy and fell a bit sideways by r almost was like I super cropped it as it was on a 45 and everything grew up from there lol.

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We need to combine your growing and mine @Mark0427 and we could do great things :grin: I always had to fabricate a toothpick and wire tie for support.

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I don’t spray the plant at all tho either I don’t know if u foliar spray at all I don’t I’ve noticed getting them wet tends to make them quite top heavy. I just keep the coco wet. Start off with the whole pot or whatever soaked bury seed or sprout and mist a few sprays then daily I spray it once or twice with ro water and tribus or the home milk stuff I made just to keep coco moist not to dry out fans don’t blow on the plant til atleast a week or so just above and below not to disturb the plant.