Bergman’s Root Protector


Prior threads on this question over 12 months old - with no definitive answer on how to use Bergman’s Root Protector

The instructions on bottle, on packet and online all say the same thing…‘For best results, use the root protector at the first sign of daylight’

Someone please explain this term of ‘daylight’ i.e. Seedling Stage, Vegetative Stage…etc
Also as in a Closed Circuit Hydro - why do I not mix the prepared solution directly into the reserviour


i think that means use it from the moment the seedling breaks the soil. but ive never used it


Many chemicals n additives should NOT be sprayed on the plants when the light is on or strongest for outdoors sun. Some will burn the leaves.

the instructions are unclear, but, experience tells you it’s talking about applying during the first hour of daylight or indoor lights.


1 hour after lights out… the freaks come out at night , the freaks come out at night… ya,ya,ya