Bergman’s gold leaf AF

My auto flower gold leaf is now 13 weeks old!
When should I expect to see some flowering?.
Leaves on bottom dying off slowly.

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Have any white pistils started showing in any bud sites?

No pistils.
I’m thinking that this one isn’t auto flowering.
I’ve had a light on a timer for 18 on, just changed my timer now for 12 on.
Any suggestions since I don’t have any experience at this.
Thank you!!

Yeah it could be a regular or a standard feminised then, try putting schedule on 12/12? Think that’s the best way to push it into flowering


I changed the timer to 12/12.
I’ll keep you posted.
Thank you for the help!


No worries buddy set to watching so I’ll join you all the way giv you any help I can :v:t2:

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This my first batch all autos also so I’m also learning as I’m growing lol


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Autos do what they want, when they want.

If photos, yes changing light to 12/12 will force them into flowering.

They will double in size. My question to you, what type of lights are you running?


I’m using a LED Daylight 75w …

Just a single bulb.

She, Quarantina, is now 32” tall and over a foot wide.
She’ll get bigger still??

My guess would be that light won’t be enough to get it thru flower but wait for someone with more experience to confirm or deny that.

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I do have a LED 150 w indoor grow lamp. It’s a red/blue color, dimmable.
Haven’t used it yet on this plant though.
Would this be better for flowering?
Thank you all!

It’s been about 2 weeks now and I’m beginning to see some little white pistols sprouting.
My new concerns are it’s losing some of her lower leaves, due to probably overwatering.
Also, what lighting should I be using? I’m still using a single 75w LED daylight bulb set at 12/12.
Appreciate any and all help!

After about a few weeks of changing my lighting to 12/12 she’s beginning to develop some pistils everywhere.
I’ve stopped watering for a little bit hoping that she’ll recover from overwatering, seems to be looking ok?
Some leaves are falling off at the bottom.
Added more lighting now too. Added another 75w daylight LED bulb and a red/blue LED panel. Still set at 12/12, do I continue at this setting?

Onto week 18 with my Gold Leaf, 3rd week of flowering.
She’s starting to stink and now standing at 36” , budding is in bloom!
How much longer to go? How long after harvest?

She’s now 20 weeks old and 5 weeks into flowering.


I guess she was worth the wait - look at those buds! You will have one nice plant. :call_me_hand:t3:

Keep nurturing but don’t smother! :smile:

Keep posted on progress.

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She smells soooo good!
I’ll keep you posted.
This is my first and I adore her