Bergman Nutrients Starter Pack Usage and Dosage Help

First time using the Bergman’s shop. Ordered the Gold Leaf seeds and nutrients set.

I run a 52ltr reserviour hydro drip system and the quantity provided to support the stated 5 x specimens to full maturity appears to be nowhere near enough

Any and all help/advise appreciated

Enough nutes for a complete soil grow, quantity for a complete hydro grow that size may need a bit more to finish

The chart for his much to use is at the bottom of this page:

Thank you for your reply, I hope to still catch you with the time difference to clarify a couple of other items please…

· Nutrients Quantities:

Calculation using the Bergman’s Feeding Schedule Hydro required for a grow of 4 x specimens via drip feed 52litre reservoir

o Seeding 52g

o Growtime 218.4g

o Flowertime 499.2g

o Plant Boost 20.4g

Purchasing the ‘Master Set’ which is oddly measured out for a complete grow, clearly states “at least 25 plants from start to finish” – however for my hydro system, I would only get 2 grows of 4 plants per grow, before having to purchase again.

· Flush System

o With practice I have learnt, when I am topping up freshwater into the reservoir over time and its total comes to more than half reservoir capacity, it is time to drain, flush and refresh the whole nutrients. This can be between 10-12 days…

My question here surrounds a more regular flushing, and to follow the Bergman’s Feeding Schedule Hydro that is every 7 days. Is that correct??

Your prompt attention to this is most appreciated, as I will need to calculate postage time again for further nutrients, delaying my project.

As a point of interest, the Grow Bible and the website too, have very limited details or void of any reference to hydro growing and or the Bergman Plant Food. Does the ‘Grow Bible’ get updated and are we (members) informed?

Kind Regards


Hello there. I’m new as well. Still setting up my system. You said a 52 liter reservoir? Approximately how much water is in your system?

If you’re asking me, pointing you at the chart pretty much exhausted my knowledge of the nutrient line and hydro in general. I’m sure someone will come along who can help.

Apologies as I thought I was chatting directly with ILGM staff

Kind Regards