Bergman gold leaf autoflower

Midwest outdoor grow

Any knowledge of an outdoor grow with this particular strain would be greatly appreciated as I have no previous experience growing autos

While I’ve grown this one indoors a good number of times but from a photoperiod seed. My grow indoors is dwc hydroponics so probably I’m probably a 180 from who you need. But I’m sure someone that has had the auto will stop by.

Can you help??? This is what I have
Model dual 1000
Led:100pcs dual chips
Input voltage 85v-265v
How far away should it be from the seedlings?

I would start it 30" and bring in closer as they sprout. I get as close as 10" off some of mine but I’m known to burn a few up too. Safe no closer than 20" from canopy.

How many plants you plan on running outside?

6 is all