Bergman Gold leaf auto flower

What nutrients do I give them through out there outdoor life cycle?

What medium are you growing in?

I am growing outside. Dug holes and filled them with a mixture of perlite and topsoil/potting soil. I have 8 altogether will plant half in one spot half in another. Also what is an ideal spacing?

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Plants given full outdoor grow cycle can get pretty big. I don’t grow outside, but I would expect you would need at least a few feet. Your soil may have enough nutrient charge to feed them for a while. I would expect that you will need a full nutrient regimen to cover the needs though.

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Can you tell me how long it takes for Bergman gold leaf auto flower from germination to harvest?

I have no idea sorry. Its relatively new selection, and I don’t really grow autos to begin with. I would guess 12 weeks give or take a couple though.

@Samuel Im growing the same strain next grow. I would say 70 -90 days give or take. Theres really no time set in stone. I use a 3 part nutrient in 1. Floranova grow thats all I had to start.

I have a gold leaf auto that is nearly 90 days old, and still hasn’t flowered, does this sound right ?

No they are suppose to flower at 56 days and be ready to harvest at 11 weeks

Can I force flowering/ drop lights to 12/12

Does this look like the start of flowering ?

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What do you think of the pic buddy

100 apx days for autos is my yardstick, I plant on the full moon and count them down, otherwise I am forever looking at the calendar and doing stoned math.
…did your auto bergmans germinate aok ?

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Check the package, could you have photos by mistake? It has happened to others in the Forum.

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Recordcent 1000w led grow light. Can you tell me how far away it should be from the seedlings? Gold leaf autoflower and gelato I will put them outside when weather permits.

Seedlings I would say 2’ or so.

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Hello All! I’m new here and trying to figure out how to actually post on here. I apologize if I’m posting on someone else’s post. I’m just trying to get some clarification on the Autoflowering 3 x 5 growing tactics. I would like to know if I need soil, if so what’s the purest natural organic type of soil I should go with. Watering and things of that nature would be helpful as well. If at all cost, please guide me to how I can post my own post and not intrude on anyone’s post. Thank you in advance. Can’t wait to get to know people and socialize about the loveliness of flowers :slight_smile:

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Do NOT use Miracle Grow soil whatever you do, it is not formulated for ganga, a fact Miracle Grow are quite proud of.

The best all round soil etc advice are in the GUIDEs above

Tip No.1 : Less is more when it comes to watering