Bergman Fertilizer kit

Anyone familiar with the kits from ilgm? Wondering how it affects the ph of water. Having issues adjusting ph with the foxfarm and looking for something with more simplicity. Noticed they had the kits back in stock here

@ILGM.Support any input?

I’ve never used ILGM nutes but I have used fox. What seems to be the problem?

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I haven’t used ILGM nutrients but I have used fox farms and I know how much work it is to adjust the pH of their products. If using the solubles in conjunction with the main trio, the pH of the mixture ends up 3.something.

This summer I started experimenting with two nutrient lines and neither of them require adjusting pH after mixing them in your water. One of them specifically states on the feed chart “do not adjust pH”.

It can be easier, you just need to find someone who has used ILGM nutrients that can answer your simple question.

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I overshoot adjusting the ph after adding the nutrients to the water…and also using a cheap meter so not sure its reliable. Looking specifically for a product that provides everything I need that doesn’t require adjusting the ph after.

Can I ask the name of these products?

The first product I tried is from HDI, the company that makes Clonex and Root Riot starter cubes. The product line is Ionic Grow, Ionic Bloom and Ionic PK Booster. That’s it, just three items, although they have a soil version of the grow and bloom formulas that are different from the hydroponics version.

They always fall within the recommended pH range with no adjustment. It stays in suspension very well and I used it all summer on a Goldleaf that I grew using an AutoPot and there was absolutely no sledge, or nasties of any kind in the reservoir when I cleaned it. If there is an easier to use line I’d be surprised.

The second line that I just started using is one that my local grow store carried that I’ve never seen mentioned either. It is an investment however, since there are 8 different products and six of eight of them are mixed almost every feed. More work then even Fox Farms with a maximum of 4 products mixed at once. The line is called “Heavy 16”. They are the ones who specifically state “do not adjust pH” on their feed chart.

Unfortunately my grow isn’t big enough that I can run multiple nutrient lines on one grow to compare the final results in an objective manner and it may take years to form any conclusions.

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Thanks, very informative. I appreciate your time and insight. I would prefer to use ilgm products if they are as good as advertised. Hopefully someone here knows

@Covertgrower any leads on this stuff?

No, never used them. I’m sure they’re good, just don’t have any experience with them.

Personally, I’d just use the trio and ph the water. Your already adding the nutes in the water, right? What’s adding a little ph up or down, another 30 seconds to a minute of work? For a great product and result. I mean, there is a reason why a lot of people use them or Jack’s or a few others, but the others all are unheard of for a reason… just saying.