Bent pole in grow tent

Unzipped the tent and saw this. Worst case scenario for me right now. Did get ahold of the manufacture but will be waiting for a month plus on the replacement part. Tent size is a 5x5. Any way to rig it so I do not have to worry about it falling down?

Bend it back duct tape , then if you have pool noodles grab one if not .,

The black insulated foam around copper pipes will also work . And wrap in duct tape.

If not a hand towel and tape


I think you could probably get a piece of pvc that would fit over the bent pole and it should keep it from bending again. I’ve never tried it but it was the first thing to pop in my head as a quick temp fix


I honestly don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune…BUT your subject line made me giggle!!!


Old broom handle would work for temp repair.
Just zip tie it to the pole in several places above and below the kink in the pole.
Should get you thru till the replacement gets there.
Might consider turning down your exhaust fan or open another vent to keep it from happening again.


Can u bend it back strait as possible and stick a broom handle along side of it and duck tape the broom stick to the pole til the new replacement comes in. Kinda like sistering the poles together. With tape. Poles are made for grow lights not sex swings lol.

I think that @Oldguy has a better idea :bulb: :thinking: I would do it as he says.
I really enjoy this forum and I learn so much here.


@diz you dirty… lol



Would the exhaust fan actually cause that?


It could if you had too much negative pressure with the fan on full and not enough incoming air.
What size is your tent and exhaust fan ?
Just thinking out loud here but larger fan say 6 in where it should be a 4 in in a 2 x 2 tent is a bit too much. :wink:
But even with a properly sized fan to tent set up if there’s not enough incoming air then poles can still bend.

Only other thought would be if someone or something bumped into it from the outside. :thinking:


6 inch Ipower 350 cfm with carbon filter
5x5 tent. Quite possible it got bumped. Hopefully this holds.


Home improvement stores usually stock 4’ sections of round stock that would probably fit inside. I bought some for the horizontal poles on top of mine. Check internal dimensions before buying though, I think I bought 6mm and fit like a glove for mine.


1/2" or 3/4" emt might be able to just slide a piece over the tubing and tape or screw.

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