Benifits of rooting poqdwe

Just wondering if anyone has used rooting powder when starting seeds. Like putting the powder in rapid rooters or in soil. Getting ready to start a new grow and was curious

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I’ve never used it IN a rapid rooter just the outside of it when potting it up . With autos I put a layer about half way down into the soil . The roots will take advantage of it when it roots grow to that layer . With photos I have just dusted the roots when I transplant to the 5 gallon bag . Great question . Does it benefit the tap root ?


I might be confused a little bit . lol …I think you were talking about rooting powder to start clones . What I used was Great White mycorrhizae . Sorry I think they are two different things . I’ve read here that some use clonex gel diluted in water when starting seed . Inquiring minds want to know .

I wouldnt put rooting powder or gel with seeds its designed to promote rooting from a grown plant and seedlings are real sensitive. But if you are like me and have to see anyways i would only do one

My seeds get distilled water to germinate ,then Ph ed plain water on seedlings . I don’t need to do anything tricky to seeds or seedling . I like keeping it simple in early veg .

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no way! rooting powder is for taking cuttings. Dont use it for seedlings.

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I’ve used the rooting powder and haven’t seen much difference. The best thing I’ve found is the rapid rooter pods and rapid start solution to really get growth going