Benefits of SCROG vs LST

On my bucket list is to build a scrog frame w/trellis and learn to use this method for max cola development. I love to LST and have been doing that on multiple plants with great success. I have also had great results with topping and FIMMing plus super cropping. Yeah I screwed that one up but some tape saved the day and all is fine now.

Potentially, I’ll build the SCROG frame for my small 2x2 tent which gives me close to 5’ of clearance after the fan, filter and light are hung. The reason I consider SCROG is to balance the canopy since I don’t have a super tall grow space and photo plants like Blue Dream and Maui Wowie are too tall to grow naturally.

My question is - Do I really need to SCROG if I am able to LST with topping and FIMMing? In a tight 2x2 grow space, I’ll have trouble managing the back side of the plant on a SCROG frame since I wont be able to spin her around. I also like to take my plants out of the tent to the porch and work on lollypop trimming and other defoliation techniques. With this being the case, it seems that a SCROG frame may be more of a hinderance than a help.

Has anyone else felt this way…and what did you do to resolve the limitations SCROG prevents…other than NOT SCROG of course!!


I don’t think you NEED one. It helps to keep in order but you have to LST to start anyway. You can just as well tie down and train in the same fashion.

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Have a look at @Myfriendis410 's and @merlin44’s setups, respectively:

You can leave the plant in the screen and still move the whole thing around to trim, feed, whatever. Genius! And these guys both grow incredible buds!


Those are bad arse!

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Get some copper wire about 1mm diameter and wrap around the stems, you can then shape the stems any way you want and there is nothing to get hung up on so you can move the plants outdoors at will.

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Here is mine. But I definitely like the individual screens. My whole set up is on wheels so I can easily move it to get to the back side.

image image


@elheffe702’s post showing how some of our members build the frame on casters gave me an idea. I remember Mom had a spice rack on a turntable in the cabinet so I’m thinking this concept may be neat for my needs. I don’t have unlimited height in a 5’ tall space, so I googled Lazy Susan rotating turntable and a number of selections in bamboo, wood and plastic popped up. I use large plant saucers under fabric pots, and I noted some of these turntables have diameters up to 21" with only 1" of height used. Got me thinking…

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This is an innovative way to shape a plant. Do you happen to have a pic to show how many turns to wrap the coil of wire?

Thanks for the shout out @elheffe702 but there’s no wrong way to do a screen. General advice is to only do one plant, let the plant understory get to 12" minimum for watering access. As to increased yield I’ve not found that to be the case. It DOES support the plant in late flower and keeps the branches from collapsing (a good problem).


Sorry no pic, just a couple of turns either side of where you want the bend to be should suffice.

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