Benefits of oxygenated water

I hope I have the right forum – but my nephew oxygenates his water prior to watering with an air stone and pump…

Is there any benefit of this procedure for the plants?

Thank again ILGM Gurus


If it’s municipal water, bubbling it with an air stone helps remove chlorine. Oxygenating your water isn’t a bad thing.

I aerate, but it’s for the oxygenation and not the chlorine removal. The chlorine is removed pretty quickly from a 5 gallon bucket of standing potable water. Within a half hour, if I remember correctly.

The thing to remember with aeration is that is immediately increases pH. I believe other factors could cause pH to change further over time, but at this point I’m out of my depth. An experienced aquaponic cultivator like @Dumme would be better able to speak to long-term pH fluctuations.

Point is you want to pH each bucket of water before hand watering, if you care about pH at all.

Chlorine removal – I’ll just let the gallons stand to let the chlorine gas off , !! Adjusting the ph saved my lavender purple kush ladies - and a shot of ca/mag.

But my topic was – what is the benefit of oxygenation ?

. But I will now always ph my H2O – Just isn’t worth it watchin all your hard work fck up and die…

Illinois chumps linin up for legal weed – 60 and up a grm…

Thanks again ILGM guru’s


Watch any kracky method video and the should mention how plants breathe thru their roots. Oxygenating allows the roosts to be submerged longer before drowning. The puddle in the middle of a field where no grass will grow is a example of drowned roots. Kracky solves the drowning problem by having the top roots form “air roots” form as the oxygen dissolved in the water is used up, our plants are far too thirsty to go 100% kracky but you can get away with out aeration if you don’t fill your DWC completely so some roots can still breath.


Borialis – saw those once – but I’m kinda muddled or too high – does oxygenated H2O benefit my pot plants , Mother Nature’s doing fine without an airstone, or not ? nephew and I plant in soil

Plus I saw my nephew had a bag of fungi hanging in his tent for CO2 – does this really help? I know plants eat it up . But is the end benefit worth the cost and bother of having them ?

It may be a dumb ? but what is a DWC ?

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Deep water culture

Co2 yes it helps, o2 for root zone yes it helps

Mother Nature does do wonders but she also has all kinds of insects and bugs/grubs aerating her soil for her.

I run an air system under a potted soil setup

Layered water / rock / soil