Beneficial microbial/fungi product

Hello everyone! I have been using the trio from Advanced Nutrients (Voodoo juice tarantula and piranha), but the price on these being so high I am looking to replace them. I have bought Hydroguard from Botanicare and would like to see what you guys use.

I am in Canada by the way.

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recharge and mammoth could help @Blasting
i made the move to auto pots today…lol
i’ll be following you and @Screwauger around like a lost puppy!


I love that!!! We got your back!!

Ill see if I can grab mammoth and recharge!! Thanks!!

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Voodoo juice tarantula is good but to expensive…for me

recharge is powder mammoth is clean liquid
photo synsthes plus as well

Cant seem to find mammoth in canada, ill look for recharge now

Cant seem to find recharge in canada either, ill look for photosynthesis plus

If you thought an was expensive, mammoth is even more expensive.


Yeah and cant find in canada.

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They sell it on Amazon, at least in the US.

Amazon canada is very different,and most item on amazon us wont ship to canada. I found Orca liquid but 16oz is 100$ for me in canada. What a bummer most good product ar3 unavaible or very expensive.

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Mammoth P gives samples off their wed site and ask you hydro store if they have some samples,

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I am happy with an’s root trio, for now. Just bought new bottles, actually. I buy the smallest bottles I can; for the 3, it cost me $70 for enough for 5+ grows (more, if it didn’t expire), which is fine with. :grinning:

I’ll try the mammoth one day, though. I almost bought it last year.


How much and when do you use the trio? I am growing in autopots and was about to just stay with AN for these 3 product. Is there really a big difference between Tarantula and Voodoo Juice? Seems like all same bacteria at different concentration?

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Oh, no, absolutely a difference. There might be one or two over lapping microbes in voodoo & tarantula, but otherwise they contain a variety of beneficial bacteria, fungus, and other microbes.

I’m in Australia and have just started using mammoth. I got the sample from my local hydro shop. You don’t need much. I think 4.8ml in my 30L reservoir.

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I poked the hole in the top of the seal and use the bottle like a dropper. 15 drops per 2.5 gals in a DWC, if I don’t see a difference i’ll bump it up to 25 . says use .06 per gal. I don’t go by exact measurements so much anymore

I use EM1 effective microorganisms. It must be fermented with organic non sulfur blackstrap molassas but once you have a culture going you can keep it going perpetually.