Bending,lst,what to do with these monsters


i have some autos,blueberry,ak-47,amniesia haze that are growing out of my control. normally who would complain about that,huh? well i only have so much space,vertical, and need some suggestions about how to counter this…could i pinch the two main branches a bit a bend them downward? what is your take? @Majiktoker @MacGyverStoner @Masshole @Matt_auto @Stonetothebone @yoshi @Countryboyjvd1971 @Capt_Seeweed and anyone who would like to give an opinion… thanks guys/gals @Paranorman @FloridaSon


How old are your ladies @BIGE
Lst training would help and super cropping


Is it too late to put a scrog net over them ?

My brief period growing and (attempted) breeding of pineapple sativas back in the 90s led me to designate a back wall with your basic Home Depot Style wooden trellis and I attach them and bent them to that (it wasn’t pretty) …good luck and hope this helps!


I picture would help. I started training my autos very early. I don’t see why you couldn’t force the dominant colas down to keep the height in check. How much vertical space are you working with?


12/12/16 i transplanted these into 5 gallon pots on 1/13/17 with some calmag and light nutes and whoa!!! this morning the tops of my two main branches have grown past the lights, and thats as far upward as i can go…lol these are pitiful problems i know if i were outside it would not phase me none… by the way the roots have already begun to grow out of the bottom of 5 gallon pots. woa is me!


Supercrop them and bend the tops if they aren’t flowering yet


4’ from top to bottom @Masshole i will get some pics in later. i done re-cracked three ribs last night in a coughing fit,water went down the wrong pipe,so i’m going to see the doc. again today.


Feel better dude sorry to hear :ear: that


i have some netting i will try that thanks @Paranorman


i have never supercropped @Majiktoker,could you post a link on that sir? i think they are trying to start flowering white hairs on nodes even on down the branches where leafs are. i have some medical issues to deal with first off this morn. but will get some pics up asap…we’ve came this far and i know we can figure something out. we as in all of us here at ilgm,if it were not for you guys/gals i would have done them in long ago…lol


I don’t think you should super crop if your in flowering ?


yea,there is not much they can do but give some meds to help ease up the pain.i’ll read up on that later today…if you have any links please share,i have never done a supercrop.


Grrrrrrrr pain meds don’t care for them myself
Been there done that got the t shirt lol


Sorry to hear about ribs, I can suggest tieing and pulling the branches down… But that maybe to late for… I’m a newbie that has limited knowledge, about forgot that… Go with the net if possible but be careful don’t want to snap a branch, if you tie you can pull it away from the light…


Dam sorry to hear about the ribs. Monster plant problems, … you must be doing something right!


me neither that is why i’m growing…but man the pain is bad this is like the third time ive cracked these particular ones in the last year


Wow that sucks bro
I can imagine how you feel
I’m wasn’t saying anything negative about prescription meds and when you need them you need them
I still occasionally take a few for my back when it gets real bad but do my best to stay away from them and won’t keep any in my house since as I stated been there
I used to get 180 OxyContin a month 50mg so


Lol I can post a picture of my plants that are supercropped when their lights come on, you just squeeze the stock, which crushes the xylem on the inside of the stock. That cuts of nutrient and water flow from that point up until it heals, while in the process of healing it will focus all growth on the lower part of the plant, if they are healthy it should take them 3-7 days to heal (for an auto that’s some time but itd be worth it in the end)


at start of flowering period during stretch your ladies are extremely flexible and devoting lots of energy to stem growth making it one of the best times to do so IMO you’d laugh your ass off if you seen what I did yesterday to my ladies 5 days into flower

this piece of fencing got placed unsupported right on top of them as I weaved them through it pushing my canopy from 10-12" to around 4" tall I will continue to weave my top through the fence screen everyday this week and the stress will help harden my stems to support the screen as my plants start to harden up in theory will post pics later looked like shit when I plopped it on them yesterday but by lights off tops were starting to face up again but within a week will have screen mostly filled and stress will encourage more branching :wink:


Nice :+1: I wasn’t sure if you should which is why I put a ? Lol wasn’t sure if it would stress them out to much super cropping in flower
I’m going to do a scrog set up on my next indoor grow which I should be starting up end of feb early march so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me on this subject then brother
Thanks for the tip @Donald