Bending and securing questions

First grow, the 2 plants pictured are a Gorilla Glue and Chocolope. I FIM’d both 1 week ago which was the end of week 5 after emerging thru soil. Is this the right time to bend and secure? I want a relatively quick harvest so that’s why I didn’t top. These girls look a little bushy compared to some the pics/youtube videos. One video said to do this right before watering and while they were sleeping, which would be right now. Thanks for any help!


Are these autos of photos? It makes a big difference. You should only attempt low stress training (LST) on an auto (at least until you get a feel for them) but you have more options with photoperiod plants.

I would advise letting the plant tell you when they are sexually mature as it seems forcing them can cause issues.

Your plants look happy and healthy. My advice is to give them (if photos) 8 full weeks of veg before flipping.


I think they are photos. I did not see anything that said they were autos when I ordered the seeds.


I would suggest you transplant the photos to 5 gallon buckets…NOW !!!

Your ladies look great, but, if you want maximum harvest…5 gallon bucket them now

As far as LST…now would be a good time…or soon. Most stores have plastic coated tomato wire. It’s a good thing to tie n train.

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Cool, thanks. I recently transplanted to 1.7 gal but now that they are healthy (thanks to you folks!) you can practically see them grow. I saw some nice 6gal pots at HD the other day so I’ll snag some of those.

And in other news…the RapidLED 4’x4’ growmou5 lights arrived today. Assembling now. Woot!

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I leaned them over with one tie down. I’ll wait to separate other branches after I transplant.