Bel's Green Babies (First Grow!)

Okay thank you. Can I keep the photos in the veg state until I’m almost ready to harvest these autos? Like, as long as I want to? They are growing so fast! I’m astounded, honestly.

Glad I’m keeping this journal here… and love this forum… it’s been really helpful to be able to go back and check dates and what I’ve done so far & stuff and see the progress.

My friend that gave me the photos said I should take some clones from them. (But that’s an entirely new ball of wax that I don’t know if I’m ready for yet or not.) If I can manage to successfully grow these, to start with, I’ll be pretty happy.

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Yes. Just expect them to double in height after you flip them to 12/12. So if you let them go too long you’ll have one hell of a fight on your hands. Lots of training and trimming.

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Okay. Thank you!

I see a lot of people “topping” them. That seems… drastic to me… but most people who grow photos seem to do it.

I’m pondering all of that now… man. Much to learn… much to learn.

Topping is the oldest and most practiced, most predictable training we know. Even when I was 14 I knew local gurilla grower would go through and top his plants so they would grow wider and bushier. He grew mostly against fence lines on back roads. Which are just 3 strands of wire everywhere, but they don’t mow it. So it’s good plant cover, doesn’t cover an untopped plant tho. Stick out like a sore thumb. I know he did this because I’ve smoked them with him out of his shoe box sitting in the sun back in the day. Took twice as much to get as high, but were fun to roll fatties with.
The removed tops that is. Get high off two fatties.


I would not run a 5.5 ph with Jack’s. I would stay around 5.8 to 6.0. And even with soil, I definitely wouldnt let it dry out like that. Of course you dont water every single day but you still want it to stay moist. Otherwise all your little feeder roots will die back. And then whenever you start having dead roots in your pot, they start to decay, which will cause your ph to drop on you.


I see this alot and I say the same thing every time. I would pick ONE person to learn the basics from. And get a successful grow under your belt. Once you learn the basics then it’s time to form YOUR OWN opinions and techniques. If you try to take advice from several people, then ideas will clash and before you know it your chasing your tail. Just my two cents.
Whenever I joined this forum there were several people who chimed in to give me advice. I listened to every one…but at the end of the day, I followed the advice of @MattyBear and @dbrn32. I’m not knocking anyone’s style, but you can’t expect to use 5 different peoples method of growing…it just doesnt work.


Okay thank you. For sure.

Yep, I’ve been making sure the Jack’s is exactly between 5.8 & 6.0, just like you said. I have well water, so I just have to add a little ph down until it’s just right. The photos are actually doing pretty great, thanks to your advice! The coco is easier to work with than I thought it would be.

Do you top & lst yours?


I’m thinking of taking some tops…

Here are the photos… right now. Just watered them with the Jack’s, ph’d to a perfect 5.8-6.0. Temps staying at around 75-85°, rh at around 40-60%. I have to open the door sometimes during the days, as it gets pretty hot up there lately. I’ve got my eye on them all of the time, but trying not to worry too much.


I personally dont top or train my plants whatsoever. I have tried a scrog, I have topped them, done lst, supercropping…yadda yadda. But my favorite type of growing is more of the SOG method. So instead of me training 3 or 4 plants to fill up a 3x3 tent, I just grow 9 small ones and I still have a full canopy. And it takes me half the time in veg to fill it. Whenever I scrogged it took me almost 3 months from seed to light flip to fill my 3x3 with one plant. I get bored with it. I like to see variety and different types of phenos.

I’m at the point now to where I prefer to do monocrop grows. So I have the same strain in the tent. I still get variety of how the plants smoke and look since I grow hybrids usually.


1st top & lst today…


Can I start my new batch 'O seeds yet?


Why yes. Yes, I can.

I think I might even be ready to flip these photos.



Well I think my photos are gonna live. Lol. Topped them and lst’d them all in one night, and they already popping back up and looking a little bit better. I don’t think I’ll be doing much else to them except for some defoliation, in the future. They are getting kinda bushy. They seem like they’re going to get pretty big.

So… @imSICKkid & @dbrn32

Should I get some of this Tribus Original (for veg) and fluvic acid (for flower), and should I be using the Tribus now?

Just te-read your entire Loud Pedal journal this morning… trying to keep everything straight on my head before I go ordering a bunch more stuff.


& how do you measure your nutes? Tiny scale?

I have a ton of empty syringes that I’ve saved for arts and crafts… so I could measure liquid ml in those, but the dry stuff… well I’ve just been using the teaspoon measurements so far and it’s worked okay.

I like the tribus a lot. Not sure if they have done in a while, but if you creep their social media you can usually score half price from time to time. Imo I don’t think the fulvic is as valuable as the tribus, but you can get fulvic cheap from place like custom hydro nutrients and other greenhouse supply stores.

I use a small digital scale, similar to what you would use to weigh out a bag haha. I think it was $15-20 on Amazon, could probably get you link if you need but they are all fairly similar.


I could take or leave the fulvic honestly. But the Tribus is a great addition. Especially early…just makes the roots go nuts.