Bel's Green Babies (First Grow!)

Another thing to consider…

I have NO idea how in the H I’m going to get my dry tent below 70°. It’s so hot right now, I’m upstairs, in MO, and my household A/C isn’t working like it should right now. I have the A/C IInfinity unit and a couple of fans in there, but it still wants to creep up beyond the mid seventies at times. Ugh.

Any tips on how I can safely (and very inexpensively) lower the temps in there would be so appreciated.

Is temp or Rh more important?? Been doing a lot of looking around online today for solutions.

That’s my biggest concern right now. Getting the tent all cleaned out and ready for dry, this weekend. (Just preparing!)

(My cleaned out, lonely, empty little tent right now. Ready for some bud. Lol.)



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Lol. :wink:


I don’t worry about temp. My dry tent is usually around 72-75. If you’re really concerned you could throw some ice in a bucket and have a fan blow on it. Should bring temp down a few degrees but then you’ll want to keep a close eye on your RH


Okay good. Thank you.

A bowl of ice. Lol.

Sounds legit…



Yeah RH is more important when drying.



Thank you!

Well I’ve seen your journals… and it looks like you really aim for a temp that’s much lower than that. (That’s a lot of what I’ve been reading for my canna-learning material today.)

But then again… you probably have ALL of the fun toys.

:grin: :wink: :v: :heart:

I’ll get there, one day. :hugs:


Yeah I go way colder, but easy to do in my house, I keep the house at 68-69F so in the dark tent with a little exhaust going it stays in the 65-67F range.



That’s cool.


I’ve been a bit busy this past week with relatives in town and they’ve just left a few hours ago. Finally able to make a decent reply back.

I appreciate the tag in which you included me with some awesome growers here on this forum. Sad to say that I’m nowhere near their level of expertise in this great “hobby”. I’ve only got one grow under my belt and getting ready to harvest my Gelato gals any day now. But I will give it a go and try and give you some constructive criticism as best as I can. :crazy_face:

Swag - In my world it means: Scientific Wild Azzed Guess. Not to be confused with schwazzing which I’ve looked up and can’t figure out yet. All in due time.

That’s pretty much how I guesstimate and start counting the days to harvest. But ultimately checking trichomes will reveal the true time to harvest. Or get you close to knowing that the day is near. After reading lots of posts on that subject there are certain strains out there where the trichs will not amber enough to give an accurate time table of when to harvest. Gotta love the variables associated with growing the medicine.

Oh yeah… understandably so. My first harvest I had to chop them a week early because I found bud rot (low temps at night and RH too high) on a few of the colas. After being pruned, washed, dried and cured the end result was a heady buzz that had me a bit anxious slightly paranoid feeling. It’s been six months now and the buds have gotten much better and the high has evened out with the stone being much more euphoric and slight audible psychedelics noted. In essence I could hear music and sounds more readily and amplified. Knowing that it made the stone more pleasurable. A good head buzz also can sometimes make chores and projects go faster and easier. That’s why I’ve noticed some growers grow several different strains at the same time. That’s so they can have different highs during the day for what ails them. Just MHO though. :wink:

I’d say that if you’re happy using Jack’s and like the easy peasy method of mixing then continue using it. Or, try another line of nutrients and give them a go and compare what you like and don’t like as compared to Jack’s line. I use Jack’s as do maybe half the growers on here do. At least the growers that I keep tabs on do. My first grow I used MG Organics and was able to grow some decent buds. Like most newbies I did overdo and push the amount of nutrients causing some deficiencies and burn. But I don’t believe the MG organic nutes were chelated to stop those problems from arising anyway.

I’m not familiar with Lost Coast and it’s effects. But I would be wary about using anything your last few weeks before harvesting unless you are having issues with the ladies being outside. I’m not gonna knock using it to you or anyone. Simply, I just haven’t used it. But will keep it in mind and could be something used and kept in the growing arsenal for future grows.

Looks like you’ve got the indoor space grow room ready for harvest. I concur with the other posters in that your temps aren’t much to worry about. But do keep an eye on the RH as you don’t want to have an environment conducive to mold. Search out the thread “Preparing to harvest” on this forum if you haven’t already done so. It has some really good info regarding the temps, RH and the curing process. Lots of good info nonetheless.

I’m sure you can harvest the buds as they mature to your liking and keep others on the plant to mature at a later date with no issues. I’ve read where some growers do that to keep the high consistent and get as much product as possible.

Btw clipping the tips off bad leaves is mostly esthetic. If it bothers you then give them ladies a trim. Nice gourds! At first I thought they were yellow squash. With yer latitude yellow squash may be done harvesting this time of the year.

Anyways, they’re still looking good. Eventually you’ll find out what works for you. Aquiring the knowledge to be succesful is half the battle. Applying it and getting the results you want is the other. Keep a daily eye on those trichomes. :+1:

Peace :v:

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Here’s some pics of the trichs on my Gelatos using that clip magnifier link I sent you.



Here’s the latest of my flower tent. Gelatos and manifolded Banana Kush



Wow! Lol at those lovely babies.

Thank you for sharing! You’re doing great!

I’m working on trimming up a plant right now…

Loved your last reply (and all of your great replies) and will answer more properly asap.

In love with my grow right now and lost in the garden.


Thanks again.

We’ve got this.

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I’ve been busy myself and chopped both Gelatos a few days ago. The above link will give you an idea what they look like.

One of these days I’d like to do a grow outside and see just how big the girls can get and the amount of harvest too. But I live where it’s not legal on the state level. It’s definitely fun to grow and love doing it also. So I’ll stay covert inside.

I believe you’re right! We got this, and more to grow! Please keep your journal going and or start another when you pop new seeds. Please tag me if ya do. Keep us updated to your harvest on those outdoor ladies.

Someday I’ll start a journal… :thinking:


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Heck YEAH! Those buds look great!

Can’t wait until mine are finished, too!

(Got a… ahem, “sort-of” funny update to post here soon.)

Long story short, had to get the ladies back in the grow tent, and it’s a good thing I did.

I hear you about the legal stuff. I’ve decided that I’m going to stick to the book, regarding that, myself. I certainly don’t want to take any chances, after all of this hard work. (And I so need the medicine.)

Here are a few of my plants this morning, back in the tent, after trimming them up a bunch over the last few days.

And ya… I realllllly hope these are ready soon! (Waiting is the hardest part!) And yep, I’ll definitely tag you in my next journal, which I’ll probably start this weekend. Thank you for sharing your pix! It really helps to see how others are doing.

Critical Mass, coming next!!! :seedling::seedling::seedling:

Today: let me see if I can get these to upload…

Uploading: 20210917_100724.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100704.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100612.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100602.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100529.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100509.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100410.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100404.jpg…
Uploading: 20210917_100400.jpg…

My cool little buddy in my tent today. Lol.

I shall name him Jorge.

And a couple of pictures of the sky from my place. Beautiful clouds today. :heart:


Thanks! They turned out pretty decent and the dry weight for both ended up being 7.5 oz’s. The smoke (dry herb vape) is very damn good… with terpenes of definite creamy minty-pine and other spices. Just about like a girl scout thin mint cookie without all the cocoa. The buzz was euphoric, happy and satisfied with a great body relaxation too. Seems nice and balanced type of high. JMHO. I’m sure it’ll get better once it fully cures. :grin:

You got your babies back into the grow tent, eh? I thought the tent was gonna be your drying area for harvest time? I’m guessing it has something to do with the sort-of funny update. That hasn’t been updated yet. Gotta keep the boys a guessing.

Those babies are still looking good. I can’t tell how far those buds really are unless you post a few trichome shots. Now that ya got them back inside and the peaceful serenity garden is back up and running I’m sure you can take at least one. :crossed_fingers:

So, you’ve got a Jorge. Reckon it’s gonna be the bug wrangler in the the magical, mystical, medicine garden of Beltana! Suprised stickman hasn’t gotten stuck walking amongst the trichomes. I’d say that’s a good omen. :wink:

Nice pics of the outdoors and the single lane gravel road. It must be nice this time of the year out there. I bet the night time lows are beginning to dip to sweater weather. Still gotta keep an eye on the RH at night especially your last couple weeks before harvest. Too high an RH at night will be ripe for bud rot. JMHO only because it happens. I’m a sure you already know this. :yum:

Still looking great! Trichome shots all around now!


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Here are a few with the loupe… as close as I could seem to focus with my phone…

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Okay young lady you got me looking at the pics you just posted. I will do my best as I’m actually not medicated yet. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looks like from the pics I can make out and “swag” that they are mostly cloudy. Sad to say they all look like you’ve taken them from the same bud. But I ain’t a finger pointing so don’t take offense. From what I’ve read and will post you a couple links to assist you if you’d like to read up some more.

Try these for more in depth info on Trichome checking: Where to check trichomes?

Trichome check pretty please with 🧀 - #7 by Budz Check out the download chart for reference too.

I find that it helps to take trichome pics of different buds on each plant. That way you can get a good average of the maturity of each plant. Keeping good records and knowing or having an idea of when the harvest date should be will help tremendously. I know beginning to sound like a broken record. Taking into consideration that you have the ILGM LSD pheno and flower should be completed around 8 weeks. Sometimes they do mature either a week or two early or one to two weeks after the projected date of maturity.

Anywho, thought I’d send you a note and assist when I can. Now it’s time for my medicine. :wink:
Btw, that loupe does turn out decent pics. Keep on keeping on!


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