Bel's Green Babies (First Grow!)

I would up your epsom salt to 2g per gallon for a few feeds.


Ph in - 6.0
ppm in - 1448

Ph out - 6.3
ppm out - 3044

Currently feeding regular Jack’s 3-2-1, a, gallon per plant in well water, every day or every other day. Not much runoff.

Ph’ing down quite a bit.

Upping epsom salt today.

Check. :heavy_check_mark:

So my grow tent has now officially become an absolute jungle! Lol. All six photos… getting frigging huge, just flipped them to 12/12 about a couple of weeks ago. It’s crazy to see just how big these can get!

But hey… great news… just now seeing little white hairs over the last couple of days! So… YES! VERY EXCITING!! Wish me luck, good skill, and a bountiful harvest. This has been a long grow so far. Wowza.

Already harvested the autos… and made some killer canna caps for myself. Will post a seperate journal about my edibles, soon!

These babies are near the top of the tent already… and just about hitting the lights. I’ve raised them just about as much as I can… maybe can raise them a tiny bit more, but hoping they can manage like this. Whew.

Oh MAN I how I wish I could just put a couple of these outside to finish growing.

On to the flowering stage for my photos!



Holy :cow2:!!! Might have to change your thread name to bel’s green giants!

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I don’t know what to do! Hahahaha.

They are so big! I let them veg for like four months. Lol. :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

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Has the magical, mystical earth mamma gotten lost in the jungle? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Send out the search party!


I was just “lost” in there a few minutes ago, watering the ladies. Yes it was serene. :wink:

It’s like a sacred space to me. :heart:

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Maybe start bending the taller ones and make the canopy more even? A little bit of supercropping perhaps? They are likely to get even bigger before it’s all said and done.

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I’m am amateur. Lol.

Do you think I should try supercroppping?

I’ve already learned a bit about topping and defoliation…

I think I could probably figure it out. :+1:


How’s your cure going?

But yeah I agree. The tops… they really are right up in the lights.