Bel's Garden: Hey Hey! Auto Sweet Mix Pack, and more, Oh Yes


Good to BE growing again!

Had to take a little break, after three grows in a rows.


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Your GIF up there keeps cracking me up. I keep coming back just to look at it again and chuckle.


Or… eighteen…

(Whut? Nawww.)





Yeahhhhhhhhhh probably.


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Oh! &

@AfgVet says…

“Spread the word! Poll is open!” For the April BOM contest!!!

Getting over there :point_left: just now myself, to check them all out!!!

Go there, DO that! :heart:

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I’m trying the Runtz which is half Skittles. Nice to meet ya, an welcome to the forum.

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It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in!

Here are my babies, today! (Need to clean my table, please excuse the mess)

Keep on going, keep on growing!

Going to start some photos, soon, too.


looking great, keep rocking it

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Wow your gonna have a tent full!! Yae

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So it’s been a minute.

Long story short:

Went on… well, several weeks of working vacation, here and there, relied on some house guests to care for my plants before I left, plants died.


Ah, well.

Starting over, again!!!

I’ve got eight little photos going, and I’ll start a new journal soon, so I’m leaving this one. (To remind myself not to make this same kind of mistake again.)

They are tall but twiggy… so I’m a little embarrassed to post pics just yet. They were the only ones that survived while I was away… and they were just wee tiny things still in the windowsill in cups when I got back home from my travels. So… I’ll be starting a new journal as soon as they strengthen up and I have something worth showing you all.

Love and Peace, and carry on. See you all again soon!


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sorry to hear that, time for a fresh start

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