Bel's Critical Mass SOG

I wouldn’t do another heavy defol until you’re in home stretch, maybe week 6 or so. You can peel a few leaves out here and there though.


I defoliate at 21 and 42 days of flower, and many others that defoliate do the same


Just watch how much u take at a time as to not stall the bud growth at all. They look absolutely wonderful right now. Awesome job.

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Great job they are looking gorgeous

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Okay thanks… I was just coming here to ask exactly that question.

@MattyBear @dbrn32 @Mark0427 @SilvaBack203

So they are starting to “bud up” a bit more now and come together… and some of the leaves are already looking a little frosty, which is supah cool. These plants, overall, have been hardy, compared to the last LSD grow. They have much thicker stems and, uh… “trunks” ? (not sure what you call them… but they are bigger than my thumb, even in these little one gallon pots), darker green leaves, so they’re really sturdy and a good strong strain it seems. (Even though these plants are much smaller than I let the last ones get, which were utter *trees.")

But here’s the thing… I’m seeing some rusty looking edges on some of the leaves on a few of the plants today. Ugh. It doesn’t come off when I rub the leaves with my fingers, so I’m not sure what that’s all about. It doesn’t look like a major problem right now, but I don’t want it to become a worse problem, either. (It seems like things can go wrong in just a day or two if it isn’t taken care of.)

So… not sure what to do. Did I defol too much? Nute issue? I’m not sure if I ought to mess with them a whole lot… but should I start to take just those rusty-tipped leaves off here and there?

Took a few pix today, just to show you all how they are growing, and to show you the rusty spots also.

They are getting bushy again already! It’s gonna be hard for me to wait that long to defol again… but I’ll definitely follow that advice, and Mark it on my calendar.

Don’t wanna do too much… but I am concerned about maybe needing to remove these funky leaves.

I didn’t top or train these at all this time… thought I’d just try the sea of green thing and let them do their business, and see how they turn out.

Any suggestions on what this might be here?

I’ll take a few more pix in a minute.

Thanks guys. I appreciate all of the input.




Appears to be a phosphorous issue or possibly slight nute burn


Looks like slight nutrient burn. Maybe give them straight water or a half feeding next time and take some runoff numbers to see where you’re at. Some plants don’t like a lot of nutrients and some can’t get enough.


Okay will do, thanks!

After going through the plants yesterday, the weren’t too many of those… thankfully. I tend to overthink things, if every single leaf isn’t looking right.

Lol! :grin:


@Beltana - Looking great in the garden young lady! :+1: :+1: All yer gals are looking happy and well cared for. You’ve got the touch! :heart: :green_heart: :heart: Hope you and yer family have a very :gift: Merry Christmas and a safe one too! :christmas_tree:

:v: :blush:


Thank you!

Coming along! Smells heavenly in here!



Nicely done!


All the ladies are looking amazing


Damn u got a jungle there


Thank you all so much!

This has been quite an experience, so far.

Just told my daughter that I might take a break after this grow… and, she emphatically said “Uhm… Nooooooo!!!” Haha. (I grow for her, too. She’s also a MM patient, and she probably needs it even more than I do.) Got her a cool “Seahorse” dabs device this year for a Yule present, and she absolutely loves it. Highly recommend.

Wish I could show you some photos and videos of our shenanigans together… but people don’t seem to like to (or be able to??) post photos/vids of themselves in here. ? Is that basically a no no?

Might start a video log, just for us, if not. We crack ourselves up. :wink:


I really do. Lol. They are starting to get pretty friendly with one another in there. :rofl:

Ladies are getting prettttttty sticky and frosteh now (especially when I reach way in there to water the ones in the back) so… I’m gonna need some gloves soon! They are getting heavy now, too. :grimacing: Yipes. Didn’t want to have to stake them this time… but wowza. (And I didn’t want to mess with a scrog net. I only have access to two sides of my tent. So that would be… an issue for me.)

Headed to St. Louis this weekend for a concert on NYE… (YAYYYYYYY!!!) Can’t wait. Just keeping my fingers crossed that my house sitters will take proper care of them while I’m away!

In to the tent I go!




@dbrn32 @SilvaBack203

Thank you thank you!!!

@dbrn32 You have helped me so much! (And so many others, as well!!!) I honestly never imagined I’d be able to start off by building my own lights, to begin with… and now all of this! It’s crazy and delightful!




These plants started out on my windowsill being held up with toothpicks, then straws, until they were probably 7" tall. I honestly wasn’t sure if they were even going to make it. Lol!