Bel's Critical Mass SOG

Why those buttons are just as cute as… buttons?


Plants look great. They should hit a good stretch any time now. Keep up the good work.


Really great looking plants you have there!


@Beltana Those sweet babies are growing nicely and look great! :star_struck: Are you going to do a defol in a couple more weeks? :v:

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Yes! Absolutely.

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Looking very nice in there


Thank you! I think I’m about ready to trim/defoliate.

Getting pretty bushy in there!


Happy girls!!!


Looking good! They had some nice growth since your last pics.

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Very beautiful girls u got there

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Can’t help but share my CM autos going now!


Beautiful!!! Nice work!

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Half of tent defoliated yesterday…

Other half of tent… still to work on! (Hopefully today or over the next couple of days.)

Happy gals!


Critical Mass? Very cool.

I’m excited to see how these turn out… (yours and mine!) as there is a bit more CBD in this particular strain. (Yayyy.)

(My last photos were LSD… pretty good stuff, and very strong… but I find that it leaves me feeling just a little a bit anxious. Hoping to find just the perfect strain for THC strength, plus CBD for pain relief, and an awake {but functional} calm!)

Also experimenting with different strengths of edibles… (My patient smokes, but I can only ingest orally) and I have had some interesting results with that.

I’ve let the oil simmer for differing lengths of time, for more “awake” meds, and then some for more “sleepy time” meds. It has been a great learning experiment, thus far! Thrilled to see how this one feels for me, next.

Has anyone tried the Gold Leaf strain? Thinking about that one for my next grow.

Need a new tent, for the new year!!!

Keep growing, your ladies are looking fabulous!

& Thank you all!


One of my little buddies…


Looking great

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Thank you @SilvaBack203 ! :grin::heart:

Yes! I picked these because my better half has some serious hardware in her back…looking for the same kind of answers you are with the CM it seems!

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Oooooh. Yeah, that’s rough, and wow, I can definitely sympathize. :heart::hugs:

I have a family member that is young, (just 20, my daughter’s boyfriend) who needs back surgery asap, as well. We are hoping that this might help him along on his journey with his own operation. It’s going to be a major one, we think.

(He has had terrible scoliosis his entire life, and on top of that, he was shot, thrice, near last Christmas. :pensive: Pretty awful for him. So he’s needing some major back surgery as well.)

That’s gotta be a tough thing to go through. I can’t even imagine. We all (my daughter, my sis and me) will have to be here for him as he goes through the healing process. I imagine that will take some time, love and patience.

Much love and healing to your better half! Hope she isn’t in too much pain. :heart: Hope this is helping her.

That is my main goal. To help others, as well as myself.

To Life, Missions, and goals! :clinking_glasses:




All defoliated, as of last night.

It’s funny though… the ones we defoliated two days ago? Already getting bushy and bouncing back again with a lot of new growth! Craziness!

You can see almost ALL of the bud sites, now! (I was afraid to defol too much the last time, but this time we went crazy… and they are really seeming to like it!)

When can I do this again? Not for a few weeks, I’d guess!